About Us

We Have More Reasons for You to Choose Us

Experiences Factory

  • 20+ years production experiences
  • Various specifications of cable wire products
  • Strong pre-sale and after-sale capabilities

Competitive Price

  • 10+ years of marketing researh
  • Factory direct sale
  • Perfect production raw material price control measures
  • Customize different cables quality according to customers’ budget

Quality Control

  • Before production: Raw material checking
  • Production process: Special personnel are responsible for the quality in production, each procedure must be marked with quality testing
  • After production: Whole quality checking, unqualified products are not allowed to be packaged, responsibility is on each person

Factory Strength

  • Floor space: 30000m2
  • Senior technical personnel: 5
  • Intermediate technical personnel: 11
  • Professional production workers: 35
  • Professional sales and service officers: 30

Excellent Customer Service

  • Free samples
  • 7 daysx24 hours customer service

Customised Cable Solution

We can design and manufacture various cables according to your requirement of special cable construction and special occasion and usage.

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