How long does PVC insulated cable last

April 06, 2023

Regarding the question of “How long does PVC insulated cable last”, different people have different opinions. Just like the Chinese old saying: The benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom. PVC wire works under different environments and different quality PVC electric wire can service for different years. In today’s article, we will introduce this topic in detail.

This content mainly includes three parts:

Why is PVC insulated cable used
How long does PVC insulated cable last
Where to buy high-quality PVC insulated cable

PVC material is kindly of commonly using insulating and sheath material. The factory produces electric wire using PVC as the insulating and sheath material since it has good insulation properties. But why electricians like using PVC flexible cable? This is the first topic this article will introduce.

Why is PVC insulated cable used?

PVC insulation material adds a mixture of stabilizers, plasticizers, flame retardants, lubricants, and other additives to PVC powder. According to different applications and different characteristic requirements of wire and cable, adjust its’ formula accordingly. After decades of production and use, the current PVC manufacturing and processing technology is very mature. PVC insulation material has a very wide range of applications in the field of wire and cable. PVC insulated cable has significant characteristics:

  • Mature manufacturing technology, easy molding, and processing. Compare with other electric wire insulation materials, PVC copper wire not only spends lower cost but also has good control over the surface's bright appearance, typing words, processing efficiency, softness and hardness, adhesion of conductors, mechanical physical properties, and electrical properties.
  • It has very good flame retardant properties. So PVC insulated wires can easily reach the flame retardant grades stipulated in various standards.
  • In terms of rated voltage, it is generally using for rated 1000V AC and below and can be widely used in household appliances, instruments, lighting, network communications, and other industries.
  • People can recycle PVC insulating wire well, helping users save money and energy.
  • Compared with other materials, the density is relatively large. It can exhibit excellent strength, which provides a certain guarantee for its safety performance and lifespan.
  • The polyvinyl chloride resin and additives are mixed evenly so that its physical properties and texture are extremely uniform.
  • PVC is a new type of green environmental protection material that will not pollute our living environment.

How long does PVC insulated cable last

Under normal circumstances, national standard PVC cable can last a maximum of 30 years, and a minimum of 15 years if without any line load caused by high-power electrical appliances. However, if you often use high-power electrical appliances or use electricity for a long time, the safe current of the power cord will exceed the safe current and cause heat aging, for this situation, the service time of PVC wire is not sure. The 30 years of service life mentioned here refers to the national standard and indoor use households under normal conditions and does not refer to other non-national standards or even small factory products. But under the actual circumstance, the service life of the PVC flexible cable depends on below factors:

The factors may influence the lifespan of PVC wire

  • If the wire putting in the tube and uses a high-quality national standard cable, then the service life can reach 20+ years.
  • Different using occasions will lead to different service life. For example, indoor using, tube using, pipe laying, and internal wiring have a lifespan of 20+ years. PVC insulated wire, such as BV and BVR single core cable if laying outside, the lifespan may be about 15 years. The low-voltage power cable will have 20 years lifespan if not influenced by water, otherwise, its lifespan may reduce to about 15 years.
  • Different conductor materials also lead to different lifespans. For example, copper cable is more durable than aluminum cable, not easy to break, and the service time is longer. If putting electric wire is into a PVC tube for wiring, then the lifespan will be longer. However, if it is in humid and rainy weather, once the moisture is immersed, it is easy to cause a short circuit, aging of wires, or deterioration of insulation performance.
  • Different quality can lead to different service times. In the market, since many customers care too much about cheap prices, some factories use non-national standard quality PVC insulated wire instead of full national-standard PVC copper cable. Such as exchanging the conductor material, thinner the copper diameter, fewer copper strands, or using low-quality PVC insulation. These both can shorten the lifespan. So different electric wires have a different service life. If you want more reliable and safer PVC wires, you still have to buy high-quality PVC flexible wire cable, and you are willing to spend a little higher money to get better protection.
pvc cable

At the final of this article, we will introduce how to buy high-quality PVC wire.

Where to buy high-quality PVC insulated cable

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