How to choose PVC insulated cable

April 20, 2023

PVC insulated cable consists of high purity ofc copper conductor and highly flexible PVC insulation material. Its name is PVC insulated copper wire since it has PVC as insulation material. PVC insulated wire is one of the popular electric wires in the industry market. Today’s article will introduce something about it.

There are mainly two parts to today’s article.

  • The types and price of PVC insulated wire
  • How to choose PVC insulated cable

First of all, we will introduce PVC insulated power cable types.

The types and price of PVC insulated wire

Under normal circumstances, PVC wires and cables mainly have three types.


90℃ heat resistant high temperature working PVC insulated and sheathed wire

This kind of wire uses special heat-resistant PVC as insulation and sheath material, they can work well under 90℃ without breaking. At the same time, this kind of PVC wire will cost a little expensive.

70℃ multi core PVC insulated wire

Control cable and shielded cable both belong to this kind, use ordinary PVC material, has the advantage of high flexibility, and stable physical and chemical properties.

450/750V single core PVC insulated wire

Like house wiring electric cable BV and BVR electric wire, with rated 450/750V. Compare with multicore PVC cable wire, it only has one conductor. BV house wiring single core copper cable also has a difference from BVR flexible house wiring multicore copper cable.

In the market, many users are also concerned about the price, especially price-sensitive customers. So in the next part, we will discuss the PVC copper wire price.


Regarding the price of PVC flexible wire, it depends on below factors:

  • Quality. As the old saying, you will get what you pay. So cheap price means lower quality, this is a rule. In the cable market, there are full national standard and non-national standard quality, PVC material also includes new material and used materials. The conductor includes ofc copper, tinned copper, and CCA. Different quality has different prices. The full national standard is higher than non-national standard quality, new material PVC is higher than used PVC material, tinned copper is higher than ofc copper, but ofc copper is higher than CCA. 
  • Core number. PVC insulated wire sheathed 3-core flexible wire price is higher than PVC insulated PVC sheathed 2-core flexible wire, PVC insulated multi-strand core wire price is higher than single-core PVC wire. The more the core number is, the higher the price is.
  • Conductor size. The 2.5 sq mm PVC insulated flexible wire price is higher than the 1.5 mm PVC insulated copper wire. The bigger the conductor size is, the higher the price is.

Finally, we will discuss the last topic, how to choose PVC copper flexible wire.

How to choose PVC insulated cable

As the home improvement material supports our long-term electricity consumption, electric wires must be selected carefully. When choosing high-quality PVC insulated power cables, people not only need to consider the brand and supplier reputations but also need to consider some other detail factors. Now, we will discuss the points when choosing PVC insulated copper wire.

  • PVC materials. Usually, some manufacturers sell sheathed flexible cable at a cheaper price, the method they use is choosing lower quality PVC material, or using the method of cutting corners. Distinguishing the quality of PVC material need some professional knowledge, for ordinary non-professionals, can also distinguish it by using some simple method. Such as: checking if the insulation surface thickness is uniform, whether the surface is flawed, and if the surface color is bright. Uniformly insulation thickness, brightness, and smooth surface can improve the quality of the PVC insulation and sheath.
  • Length and diameters. For high-quality national standard PVC insulating cable, length and copper diameter have their standard. Such as BV 1.5 mm PVC insulated copper wire, the length is 100 meters a roll, and the copper diameter is 1.37±0.01mm. When choosing it, if you found the length is shorter than one meter, and the copper diameter is thinner than the standards, then you can be sure the PVC wire 1.5 sq mm you choose is not the national standard of the highest quality. At the same time, if you don’t know the detailed regulation of the length and diameter, you can contact Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. to consult.
  • Copper. Most PVC insulated flexible electric wire uses copper as a conductor. High-quality copper color is reddish purple instead of yellow, on the other hand, high-quality copper is flexible, and lower quality copper has a little rigid.
  • Cost. As we mentioned above, you will get what you pay. In the market, the cost is the important reference standard for quality. This principle does not need too much explanation, everyone understands it well, otherwise not everyone can do it.

Now, do you get the tips well how to choose PVC insulated cable? If you have more questions about it, please come and contact Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. for discussion. We will respect every of your opinion.

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