Cat5e FTP SFTP Ethernet Communication Network Cable

  • Product Name  Network Cable
  • Conductor Copper
  • Insulation PE
  • Jacket PVC
  • Color Can Be Customized
  • MOQ 5000 Meters
  • Application Indoor And Outdoor
  • Working Temperature     -10℃-70℃
  • Payment terms of OA and Export Credit Insurance are not acceptable
  • Payment Method A: By T/T, 30% Or 50% advance payment after PI, 70% or 50% balance payment should be paid before shipment.
    B: By irrevocable letter of credit at sight
  • Trade Terms FOB, C&F, CIF

Network Cable Description

  • Product Name Network Cable
  • Conductor Copper
  • Insulation PE
  • Jacket PVC
  • Core Numbers  8
  • Conductor Type  Twist 4 Pairs
  • Network Cable Type Cat5e
  • Shielding  Aluminum Foil+ Alloy Mesh
    Aluminum Foil+ Copper Mesh
  •  Color Can Be Customized
  • Size 0.41mm2, 0.46mm2, 0.48mm2, 0.50mm2
  • Rated Voltage  30V
  • Working Temperature -10℃-70℃
  • Bandwidth 100MHZ
  • Application  Indoor And Outdoor
  • Free Sample And Customization Accepted

Cat5e Ethernet Lan Cable Advantages

  1. 1STP: Aluminum foil single-layer shielded twisted pair network cable, has the advantages of large bandwidth, certain anti-interference ability, reduced signal attenuation, low-smoke halogen-free recovery, and environmental protection.
  2. 2SFTP: Aluminum foil and weave mesh double-layer shielded twist pair network cable, effectively reduce the environmental magnetic field and signal interference, and the internal signal attenuation is low, suitable for special environments needs professional wiring engineering.
  3. 3Shield signal interference, fast transmission speed
  4. 4Strong information confidentiality
  5. 5Simple structure, low price and fast transmission speed
  6. 6High purty OFC copper core, high conductivity, low signal attenuation in transmission network, low crosstalk
  7. 7High quality PE, stable characteristic impedance, complete signal transmission
  8. 8Standard 8-core twisted pair structure, resisting external electromagnetic wave interference, reducing mutual interference between twisted pairs, long transmission distance and high transmission quality
  9. 9High-quality PVC sheath, flame-retardant, tensile, and flexible

Differences Between Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e Network Cable

Category Transmission Rate Support Network Working Frequency Mark Shielding Layer
Item bps MHz Cat
Cat5E 250Mbps 100M

Or Gigabit



CAT5E Shielding/Un-Shielding
Cat6 1Gbps Gigabit 250MHz CAT6 Shielding/Un-Shielding
Cat6E 10Gbps Gigabit

Or 10 Gigabit

500MHz Cat6E Shielding/Un-Shielding

Cat5e Internet Network Cable Application

1.Used in local area network environment such as voice, digital, text, image, and video communication

2.Used for outdoor and indoor occasions where signal interference needs to be shielded

3.Widely used in intelligent engineering of high-speed, large-capacity and multimedia integrated service data communication network

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