HSYV Indoor Copper Multi Core Communication Telephone Cable

  • Product Name HSYV Telephone Cable
  • Conductor Copper
  • Insulation PE
  • Jacket PVC
  • Outer Sheath Color Grey
  • Application Indoor Use
  • Working Temperature  -15℃-70℃
  • MOQ 5000 Meters
  • Payment terms of OA and Export Credit Insurance are not acceptable
  • Payment Method A: By T/T, 30% Or 50% advance payment after PI, 70% or 50% balance payment should be paid before shipment.
    B: By irrevocable letter of credit at sight
  • Trade Terms FOB, C&F, CIF

HSYV Indoor Telephone Cable Description

  • Product Name HSYV Telephone Cable
  • Conductor Copper
  • Insulation PE
  • Jacket PVC
  • Outer Sheath Color Grey
  • Working Temperature -15℃-70℃
  • Application  Indoor Use
  • Armored Band  No
  • Free Samples And Customization Accepted

HSYV Indoor Communication Cable Advantages

  1. 1Using high-quality oxygen-free copper, low resistivity, uniform heat dissipation, stable transmission, long lasting service time
  2. 2Low eccentricity, uniform thickness, safer to use
  3. 3Polyester transparent waterproof membrane, non-absorbent and impermeable, good rigidity and toughness, puncture resistance, friction resistance
  4. 4High quality PVC outer sheath, good creep resistance, wear resistance, and national standard compressive performance at high and low temperatures to ensure safe use
  5. 5Cable body is brightly colored for easy installation and identification
  6. 6The twisted-pair design is convenient for construction personnel to install, effectively reducing mutual interference between signals and reducing signal attenuation

Differences Between HYA And HYSV Communication Telephone Cable

Item Armoured Twisted Flexible Specification Color Application Customized
Item Pairs/Diameter
HYA Armoured For Core Numbers Above 10 Pairs No No 5x2x0.48/0.38/ 0.35mm

10x2x0.48/0.38/ 0.35mm 20x2x0.48/0.38/ 0.35mm

25x2x0.48/0.38/ 0.35mm

30x2x0.48/0.38/ 0.35mm 50x2x0.48/0.38/ 0.35mm 100x2x0.48/0.38/ 0.35mm

Black Outdoor Accept
HSYV No Yes Yes 5x2x0.48/0.35mm







Grey Indoor Accept

HSYV Telephone Cable Applications

1.Suitable for voice calls
2.Suitable for boadband Internet
3.Suitable for building intelligent video intercom system
4.Suitable for transmission of anti-theft monitoring

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