What’s the differences between BV, BVR and RV cable?

August 26, 2022

In house wiring, BV, BVR and RV cable are the most commonly used electric cable. When people buying these cabled for consutruction, they usually want to know what’s the differences between them, and which cable they should buy. In this article, we will introduce this detail, please follow my step to understand the differences between BV, BVR and RV electric cable.

single core cable

What is BV cable?

BV cable is single copper core house wire electric cable. The conductor is high purity ofc copper, insulation is high quality PVC. PVC cover the copper conductor made it can work smoothly. The rated voltage is 450/750V, usually used in house decoration.

What is BVR cable?

BVR cable is single copper core house wire electric cable. The conductor is made of multi-strand flexible ofc copper, insulation is high quality PVC. It is flexible electric cable, rated voltage is also 450/750V, usuallt used in house wiring project.

What is RV cable?

RV cable is looking the same with BVR cable, except it is more softer than BVR cable. RV cable is also single multi-strand copper core flexible cable, covered with high quality PVC insulation.

What’s the differences between BV, BVR, and RV cable?

The conductor is different

BV conductor is single solid copper core, BVR is single multi-strand flexible copper core, RV is also single multi-strand flexible copper core. Details conductor difference please see below picture.

Construction varies are different

BV is solid hard wire conductor, so it is relatively stiff and not easy to bend, so it usually used for working environment that has low requirements for construction technology. BVR and RV is flexible soft wire conductor, easy bending operation, so these two kinds cables usually used in environment that construction difficult occasions.

Copper wire conductors thickness is different

BV cable only have one solid conductor, so on the base of same across size, BV cable copper wire conductor is the most thickest. Although BVR and RV are both made of multi-stand flexible copper wire, but RV is more thinner and more softer than BVR. After we discussed these differences between BV cable, BVR cable and RV cable, do you know how to exactly choose the right cable you need? We would like to see your comments below and reply any questions about electric cables.        

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