What’s The Differences Between BV And BVR Electric Cable

July 19, 2022

In house decoration projects, the most common used electric cables are BV and BVR electric cable. But many people don’t know how to choose these two kinds of cables. This is the topic we will discuss today. That is, this article will explain the differences between BV and BVR cable, so that people can choose them well when they do homw decoration work.

The same point of BV and BVR cable

BV and BVR cable are both the common used electric cable when home decoration. They are both single core cable, rated voltage is 450/750V. Has the same color and same useage. But they also have some differences.

The differences between BV and BVR cable

1.Conductor Structure is different.

BV cable is single colid copper core cable, BVR cable is single strand copper core cable. So BV is hard and solid, BVR is soft and flexible.

2.Applicable to different environments

BVR is flexible, so it is usually used in situations there need cable to curl, when the usage environment is bad, we recommend BVR to use, since it is flexible, easy to work.

3.Price is different

Since BVR is flexible than BV cable, so the price of BVR cable is a little higher than BV.

Here is a picture can well show the differences between BV and BVR cable.

Do you still have any problem about BV and BVR cable? Welcome your comments below.

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