House wiring cable types and applications

April 25, 2023

The house wiring cable wire is a cliche topic, you will hear everybody discussing it when they decorate a new house, or buying a new kind of cable for construction, or make a project plan for a building. There are different types of cables used in house wiring projects, and different house wiring cable types have different applications. This is the main topic of this article.

Content of this article:

  • What is a house wiring cable
  • House wiring cable types and applications
  • Tips on choosing house wiring cable

At the beginning of this article, we will introduce some statements about household electric cables, so that beginners can have a better understanding of them.

What is a house wiring cable

House wiring electric wire, as the name, is used widely for house wire and house decoration. For house wiring projects, from integrated wiring to small and middle household appliances, both need different house wiring PVC cables and wires. Its structure is simple including copper conductor and PVC insulation material. It also has many different sizes for people to choose from, such as house wire 2.5 mm, 2.5 mm house wire, 1.5mm house wire cable, 4.0mm house wiring wire, etc. Different size has different price, such as the 2.5 mm house wire price being higher than the 1.5 mm house wire price.
After introducing the concept of household wiring wire, the next we will enter into today’s main topic. Types and applications.

House wiring cable types and applications

Usually, the types of cables used in house wiring include PVC-insulated rigid cable and PVCsulated flexible cable. Their introduction and differences are as follows.

The types of cables used in house wiring

Single core PVC insulated flexible cable

This type includes BVR single-core cable and RV single-core wire. These two kinds of wires are both made of multi-strand copper wire as conductors, so the conductor is flexible. And because of the flexible feature, they can be well installed for special occasions that need cable bending. They also have some differences, such as The type of conductor being different, BVR using a class 2 conductor, RV using a class 5 conductor; Rated voltage, insulation thickness, and applications being both different. For detailed information about the differences between BVR single strand cable and RV PVC single core cable, please click our article The differences between BVR cable and RV cable.

Single core PVC insulated rigid cable

This type of house wiring electric cable main includes BV PVC insulated copper cable. Its conductor is made of one strand of thicker copper, so it has a little harder than BVR and RV cable. Its structure also includes a copper conductor and PVC insulation.

PVC insulated and sheathed cable

This main includes BVVR house wiring electric cable. BVVB belongs to a kind of rigid PVC insulated PVC sheath electric copper cable. It is made of two or three BV PVC insulated single core cables covering a layer of PVC outer sheath. It is a flat-shaped cable, people usually install it around the wall. Different from BV, BVR, and RV cable, it belongs to a kind of PVC sheath cable, but BV, BVR, and RV belong to a kind of PVC insulated non-sheathed cable.

Here is a picture of these three kinds of cables.

house wiring cable

The application of best house wiring wire

Different types of PVC insulated house wiring electric wire have different applications, here is a table that can introduce the different applications in detail.

BV cable BVR cable PVC insulated flexible cable1.0mm2Illumination
1.5mm2Socket connection wire
2.5mm2Air conditioner wire
4.0mm2Water heater or vertical air conditioner
6.0mm2Central air conditioning
10.0mm2Home entrance wire
Tepehone cableHSYVTelephone connecting cable
TelevisionSYWVCable for digital cable TV connection
Network cableCat5e, Cat6, Cat6eNetwork connection cable
Equipment monitoring cableSYVConnecting Surveillance Camera Cables
Finally, we will introduce some tips on choosing the best cable wire for house wiring.

Tips on choosing house wiring cable

Household wiring is closely related to our safety, everyone should pay more attention to it. When we choose the best quality house wire, there are some tips we need consider.

  • Choosing ofc copper conductor. Compare with aluminum conductor, copper conductor has the advantage of strong carrying capacity, high temperature resistance and good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion performance. Although it’s cost is a little higher than aluminum conductor, but it is still highly recommended in consideration of our safety.
  • In terms of installation and wiring, the method of slotting and embedding wires on the wall is generally adopted, which is safe and beautiful. When passing through the pipe, the wires must not be twisted or jointed in the pipe, otherwise it will be difficult to find if something goes wrong.
  • Strong current wires and weak current wires are routed side by side separately, and a certain distance of about 50 cm is properly reserved to prevent interference between strong and weak currents.
  • Consider installing as many sockets as possible, and the sockets should be evenly distributed as much as possible. Otherwise, after the wiring is completed, it will cause the embarrassment of looking for a power supply but being too far away, resulting in the embarrassment of wires everywhere.
  • The distribution box or the main switch should be marked with the names of different lines, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. At the same time, after the decoration and wiring are completed, ask the construction unit for the wiring diagram, so as to know the wiring of the whole house well, so as to prevent problems before they happen.

Now, so you have a better understanding of house wiring cable types and applications? If you still have any problems, you can contact Henan Shenbei Cable directly for more information about them.

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