The differences between BVR cable and RV cable

February 08, 2023

BVR cable and RV cable both belongs to the kind of single flexible electric wires. So some people may feel confusion with these two wires. Here we want to approximately introduce some similarities and differences betweem them. Hope you can have a better understanding about it.

What is BVR cable

BVR electric cable full name is copper core PVC insulating flexible cable wire. It’s structure is composed of high quality high purity OFC copper conductor and high flexibility PVC insualtion. Conductor includes many strands of fine copper wires. It is flexible and soft, structure is simple and easy to install. So people usually use it where is having strict flexibility requirement. It can not only convenient and quick to install, but also improves work efficiency. So it is the first choice for house wiring project.

bvr cable

What is RV cable

RV wire refers to the kind of traditional single core cable. It’s full name is also single copper core PVC insulating flexible cable wire. The structure is also composed of high purity thin OFC opper conductor and high flexible PVC insulation. Conductor also include many strands of thinner copper wire, compare with BVR wire conductor, RV power cable is thinner. So it has a advantages of flexible and soft.

rv cable

The similarities of BVR cable and RV cable

Here, we summarize some similarities of BVR wire and RV wire, hope can help people who want to understand them.

  • Structure is the same. As we mentioned in the above article, their structure is the same, both composed of high quality copper conductor and PVC insulation.
  • The core number is the same. They both belongs to single core flexible cable, composed multi-pair copper twist together.
  • Color is the same. They both have different colors, such as red, yellow, gree, blue and yellow green double color.

The differences between BVR cable and RV cable

Here, we summarize some differences between, hope can help people who want to distinguish them.

  • The conductor structure is different. BVR conductor and RV conductor are both composed of multi strands copper, but it is different when we say by copper strand diameter and copper strand numbers. RV electric wire has thinner copper strands than BVR electric wire. That is to say, base on the same cross section area, RV electrical cable needs more copper strands compare with BVR copper wire.
  • Rated voltage is different. BVR rated voltage is 450/750V, but RV copper wire has strict voltage requirement, it’s reted voltage is 450/750V or 600/1000V. BVR conductor belongs to class 2 soft conductor, but RV conductore belogs to class 5 conductor.
  • Executive standard is different. BVR standard is GJB/T 5023.3-2008, but RV standard is GB/T 3956.
  • Application is different. BVR wire cable is usually used as house wiring cable. For occasions need flexible features, it is the best choice, and it can replace BV cable in some cases since it is soft and flexible compare with BV wire. But RV electric wire is suitable for all kinds of electrical appliances or mechanical internal connection. It is also often used in security equipment and instruments. RV wire is more flexible than BVR wire. People usually call it as “electronic wire”.
  • Working temperature is different. Conventional BVR copper wire working temperature is not above 70℃, RV copper wire is not above 80℃. Of course, if you want them can bear higher temperature or fire resistance, you can contact Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd., it can customize cable according to your detail requirements.

Now, have you well known the differences between BVR cable and RV cable? If you have any problems about electric wire, please contact Shenbei Cable, we would like to share any information about electric wire to you.

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