What is a PVC cable

February 10, 2023

You may not heard PVC cable everyday, but it has become an essential part of industrial life. Electronics manufacturers of all kinds require extensive use of PVC wire. Here, we will introduce some knowledge about this wire.

What is PVC cable

PVC copper wire is a kind of electric wire with PVC insulation. It’s structure is copper conductor and PVC insulation. So people usually call it as pvc insulated copper wire. The full name of PVC is Polyvinyl chloride, it is a kind of common used cable insulation and sheath material.

PVC cable advantages

  • The density is relatively high, and it can exhibit excellent strength, which provides a certain guarantee for its safety performance and life.
  • It has uiform color.
  • PVC material is a environment protection material, it has no harm for our body and environment.
  • Good insulation and flame retardancy, can prevent electric wire leakage due to short circuit and fault.
  • Good corrosion resistance, relatively strong resistance to harsh natural environments.
  • Durable, under the premise of protecting the wires, keep the wires away from external threats, thereby improving the service life of the wires.
  • Maintain cost is cheap.
rvv control cable

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