What’s the difference between PVC cable and XLPE cable

February 14, 2023

PVC cable and XLPE cable are two kinds of common using electric wire in electric industrial. Some people may confusion when choosing them, actually, there are some differences between them, you can choose according to your demands. Here, we will briefly introduce their concepts, advantages, and differences.

What is a PVC cable

PVC is the widely used insulation material when producing electric power cables. It is the electric wire with conductor and PVC insulation. The full name of PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride, it has the features of bright color, corrosion resistance, firm and durable, so it is becoming the common using wire material.

What is a XLPE cable

XLPE full name is cross-linked polyethylene, it can be regarded as a kind of ugraded aternatives of PVC. It has the features of srong mechanical properties, strong aging resistance. The XLPE power electric wire also includes conductor with XLPE insulation, structure is the same with PVC wire.

PVC cable VS XLPE cable

Advantages of PVC cable and XLPE cable

Features of PVC wire

  • High density and high strength provide guarantee for safety performance and lifespan.
  • Uniform physical properties and texture.
  • Uniform color compare with other materials.
  • Green environmental protection material, friendly to the environment.

Features of XLPE cable

  • Easy to lay.
  • Strong electrical performance, low dielectric loss.
  • Excellent aging resistance and super heat deformation resistance.

The differences between PVC cable and XLPE cable

  • Rated voltage is different. PVC flexible wire is suitable for low voltage 300/500 or 450/750, but XLPE is suitable for 0.6/1KV.
  • Price is different. XLPE electric wire cost is higher than PVC wire.
  • Working temperature is different. PVC copper wire highest working temperature can reach to 70℃, but XLPE cable highest working temperature can reach to 90℃. So the XLPE power cable has a higher heat resistance than PVC wire.
  • Here is a detail sheet can describe the differences between them.
Differences between PVC cable and XLPE cable

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