Differences between power cable and control cable

February 16, 2023

Power cable and control cable are two kinds of electric wire in electrical industry. These two items both highly used for industrial project. The differences between them is big, almost everyone can distinguish them well. In today’s article, will also introduce the differences between them.

What is power cable

A electric power cable is suitable for transmission and distribution of electrical energy. It is usually apply for urban underground power grid, outgoing lines of power stations, internal power supply of industrial and mining enterprises, and underwater transmission lines across rivers and seas.

In the power line system, the proportion of this item is gradually increasing. It is used to transmit and distribute high-power electric energy in the backbone lines of power systems. It include all kinds of various voltage levels and various insulation wires with rated voltage 1-500KV.

power cable

What is control cable

Control wire belongs to a kind of PVC insulated and PVC sheathed wire. It is used for industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation departments, control and protection lines with AC rated voltage below 450/750 volts.

Control electric wire directly transmits electric energy from the power distribution point of the power system to the power connection line of various electrical equipment and appliances.

control cable

Differences between power cable and control cable

Next will introduce some differences between these two items to make people distinguish them well.

  1. Application is different. Power cables are suitable to transmit and distribute large-scale electric energy in the main line of the power system to transmit and distribute large-scale electric energy. Control cables are suitable for control wiring of electrical equipment and appliances.
  2. Category is different. Power cable belongs to the class 5 among five categories wire. And control electric wire belongs to the class 3 among five categories wire(For electrical equipment).
  3. Standard is different. Power electric wire standars is GB12706, but control cable standard is 9330.
  4. Insulated core wires are marked differently. Power cable use different colors to mark separately. But control cable use single color with different numbers to mark.
  5. Rated voltage is different. Power cables transmit continuous current with a wide range of voltage levels: 0.6-1KV or 1KV-220KV. The control wire transmits signals with a narrow voltage range: 300/500 and below.
  6. Conductor thickness is different. Power electric wire conductor is thicker than control wire.
  7. Conductor material is different. Power cable has aluminum and copper conductor, but control cable usually only have copper conductor. CCA and aluminum need to be customized.
  8. Price is different. Power cable cost is higher than control cable, and power cable can bear difficult environment than control wire.

Power cable and control cable have different features and applications. It is easy to distinguish and easy to choose. The only problem is quality standard of the cable, different countries have different quality level standard, when we want to purchase these two items, it is better to consult electric wire manufactuer for the suitable quality and technical specifications.

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