What is the difference between multicore cable and single core cable

February 18, 2023

The multicore cable and single core cable both have high density ofc copper conductor and high quality insulation. Copper conductor both include copper strands single core or solid single core. But different cores electric wire has different features, is also used in different occasions, and has their own using environment. In this article, we will introduce the differences between them.

What is multicore cable

Multicore wire means cable with two or above insulating electric conductor inside the outer sheath. The common using multicore PVC wire include two cores, three cores, four fores, five cores, six cores, and so on. The control cable belongs to the kind of multicore cable, it can reaches to about 61 cores.

multicore cable
rvv multicore cable

Multicore cable details

Multicore wire includes RVV cable, RVVP cable, KVV cable, KVVP cable etc. These are common used multicore conductor wire. Their conductor usually use high density OFC copper to reduce oxidation and keep stability of circuit transmission. Their insulation and outer sheath usually use high quality flexible PVC material.

Advantages: Since multicore wire is flexible, so it is usually used in active power sites and temporary power sites, installation, pulling, and moving is convenient.

Multicore wire also easy to install and good cooling effect since it has many strands flexible copper.

Disadvantages: After high temperature, the surface is severely oxidized, the effective cross-section is greatly reduced, and problems such as core breakage and local heating are prone to occur. It should be replaced in time for safe use of electricity.

What is single core cable

Single core wire means cable with only one conductor inside the insulation. This conductor include multicore strands twist together and single colid conductor. It is mainly using in house wiring decoration, include home lighting, sockets, air conditioners, etc. all use single-core wires.

single core cable
single core cable

Single cable details

The single cable include BV wire, BVR wire, RV wire, BVV wire and so on. Common color is red color, yellow color, blue color, green color, blue green double color, and black color. People also call these single core copper wires as copper core PVC insulated unsheath cable.

Advantages: 1 core cable is cost lower than multicore wire. And it is also easy to installtion than multicore wire. Because of the small cross-sectional area ratio, it is not easy to be oxidized, and it is resistant to short-circuit current impact, and has a relatively long service life.

Disadvantages: Multiple bends can easily damage it.

The differences between multicore cable and single core cable

  • Conductor number is different. Single core wire only has one conductor, but multicore wire have at least two conductors.
  • Cost is different. Multicore electric wire will cost higher than single insulated cable.
  • Installation is different. Multicore wire is more difficult in installation than single core wire.
  • Rdiating performance. Multicore wire consists of multi fine copper wire, there is a gap between coppers. So it’s rdiating performance is better than the single core electric wire.
  • The single core wire is strong and durable, and has good conductivity. It is suitable for fixed place. It is easier to lay multi-core wires, but it is more expensive.

Precautions for buying multicore cable and single cable

  • Choose a brand. There are many different channels selling electric wire, include network shop, physical store, supermarkets, and stall. No matter which cable you need, you should choose a reliable brand to buy. Since only reliable brand has the long-term business vision, they focus on the quality of the cable, this can bring you a safety and long time use. Here introduce Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. to you, Henan Shenbei Cable is a professional and reliable factory of manufacturing and selling all kinds of electric cables with 20+ years experiences. They have their own direct raw material channel and production line, all processing is under strict control, ensure to produce the highest quality cable in the market.
  • Focus on the cost. Although everyone want to buy things with a cheap price, but there is a rule said you will get what from you paid. Especially copper cost is keeping higher these two years, almost the cable cost is transparent. If a vendor said can supply the cable with a very cheap price, you must calculate if the price can cover the raw material cost, if can’t cover, no matter how cheap the price is, you can’t buy it. Nowadays, market situation is chaotic, some supplier use aluminum, cca, or second-hand PVC to produce electric wire. If buying low quality wire, it may not only bring you health hazard, but also wasting money. Henan Shenbei Cable has a strict quality control from raw material to the production, 24 hours customer service consulting and perfect after-sales service will make your purchasing and application more happy.

If you want to know more knowledge about multicore cable and single core cable, please kindly leave your message or contact us, we would like to share more information with you.

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