Is single core cable or multicore cable better?

February 21, 2023

Is single core cable or multicore cable better has become the common concerned topic when talking about electric wire. Actually, choose which item depends on the application, rated voltage, and other power factors. Single core wire means there is only one conductor. Multicore wire means there is at least two conductors. These two kinds of wires both have their advantages and disadvantages. Today’s article will show the answer of which is better.

Is single core cable or multicore cable better

  • Saying from electric current, multicore wire can carry more current and load compare with single core electric wire on the base of same section area.
  • Saying from electrical loss, two head of single core electric wire will connect the ground, this process may cause electrical loss than multicore wire, since the electric current pass by multi conductor is zero, this will not cause any electrical damage.
  • Saying from the cost, single copper wire will cheaper than multicore copper wire, multicore wire cost is higher than single wire on base of same section area.
  • Saying from installation, since the flexibility, so multicore wire will easier in installation than single core wire.
single core cable
single core cable

Application differences between single core cable and multicore cable

Single copper core wire: Suitable for house wiring decoration, household appliances, and other household electricals.

Two core electric wire: Suitable for DC power supply system control circuit, and other rated voltage 1KV and less than 1KV.

Three core electric wire: Suitable for fire wire and ground wire is seperately, need an extra wire as neutral wire, this need use three core wire.

Four core wires: For 1kv and below 4-core cables (3+1 cables), the fourth core is not only used as a grounding protection, but also transports the power supply out of balance current and short-circuit capacity. Its size is determined by the amount of unbalanced current and short-circuit capacity, but generally not less than 1/2 of the phase line.

Five core wires: 1kv and the following three-phase four-wire power distribution room system, some electrical distribution equipment lines with high safety requirements, and some communication centers that must not only ensure the safety of electricity use, but also require anti-interference grounding and automatic machinery, it is advisable to use TN-C power distribution room system software with 5 copper core cables, so that the maintenance line (PE line) and neutral point (PN line) are separate, and the cable core cross-section is generally 3 large and 2 small or 4 Big 1 small or 5 big.

multicore cable
multicore cable

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