How to choose house wiring cable

February 25, 2023

House wiring cable is mainly used in house decoration process as its’ name. House wire construction include OFC copper conductor and PVC insulation. It is single core wire, and color usually includes red, blue, yellow, green, and yellow green double color. This house wiring wire is cheap and easy to use when house decoration. It can connect many kinds of household appliances, but there is another problem is how to choose it for right appliances. This is the topic of this article.

House wiring cable type

House wiring electric wire usually refers to BV wire and BVR wire. These two kinds of wires both belongs to single core house wiring wire. Difference between them is the flexibility. BV single core wire is made of one strand solid copper conductor, BVR single core wire is made of multi-strand flexible copper. So BVR is flexible than BV, BVR wires have good bending properties, it especially suitable for occasions that need bending installation.

bv vs bvr cable

How to choose house wiring cable

When talking about how to choose house wiring wires, it usually refers to how to choose the right size house wire to connect the suitable household appliances.

1.0mm2-1.5mm2, this size usually use to connect illumination quipment.

2.5mm2-4.0mm2, this size usually use to connect socket.

4.0mm2, this size usually use to connect water heater.

6.0mm2, this size usually use to connect central air conditioning.

6.0mm2-10.0mm2, this size usually use as entry line.

electric wire power
Electric wire power

Tips on choosing high quality house wiring cable

There are so many electric wire brands in the market, so how to choose high quality house wiring wire is very important. As we know, household electricity needs safety first. Low quality wire may cause many unsafe factors. So what we should pay attention when we choosing high quality house wiring electric wire?

Inspection: Check if the wire has any quality certificae, such as CCC. This can simply inspect the wire quality.

Trying: It is advisable to bend a wire repeatedly by hand. If the hand feels soft, the sheath is elastic, and the wire body has no cracks, it is a high-quality wire.

Count and measure: Count the number of inner copper strand, measure the inner coper strand diameter, calculate the actual section area by your self.

Weight: The national standard highest quality cable has the standard weight, if the weight is too light, improves the cable can’t be the high quality cable.

Observe: observe the wire exterior, if the outer sheath is bright and texture fine, can't burn in open flame. This improve the material is high quality, safety to use.

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