What is the difference between control cable and signal cable

February 28, 2023

Control cable and signal cable both belong to the kind of electric cable. They are divided since of the different using requirements and occasions. Although they are different two types electric wires, but they have some same points. So many people will confuse them. Actually, these two items have some differences. This is the topic of this article.

What is control cable

Control wire is a kind of wire can protect the electric circuit. The main material is PVC, PVC has good insulation properties, can be worked under 450/750V rated voltage. It can well control the electric circuit operation. It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation departments etc.

rvv cable
rvv control cable

What is signal cable

Signal cable is a signal transmission tool. Generally, the signal transmitted by the signal cable is very small. In order to avoid the interference of the signal, there is a layer of shielding layer outside the signal cable. Generally, the shielding layer is copper braid mesh or alloy braid mesh, and a layer of aluminum foil. The shielding layer needs to be grounded, and the external interference signal can be guided into the ground by this layer, so as to prevent the interference signal from entering the inner layer conductor and reduce the loss of the transmission signal.

rvvp cable
rvvp signal cable

What’s the difference between control cable and signal cable

  • Application is different: Signal cable is commonly used to transmit data signal. It has the shielding layer to avoid signal interference. Control cable is commonly used to transmit electric signal. It hasn’t the shielding layer. Flexible control cable is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation departments, for control systems of equipment such as control and protection lines with AC rated voltage below 450/750 volts. Signal cable is suitable for Local telephone cable, TV cable, electronic cable, radio frequency cable, optical fiber cable, data cable, magnet wire, power communication or other composite cables.
  • Type is different. The type of signal wire main include RVVP cable, KVVP cable, these wires both belongs to shielding screen wire. Control wire include RVV multicore wire, KVV wire ect, these items haven’t the shielding layer inside.
  • Cost is different. Normally, signal wire cost is higher than control wire since the shielding layer.

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