What are the characteristics of control cable

March 02, 2023

Many people may heard control cable without having a good understand of it. Control wire is widely used for industrials, it is suitable in control and protection circuits with voltage below 450/750V. It is usually using more in industrial and mining enterprises and energy and transportation sectors. And this item also has many good characteristic, do you know that? This article will introduce this to you.

What is control cable

The control wire is a kind of PVC insulating PVC sheath electric wire, it is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation departments, also suitable for controlling and protecting lines with AC rated voltage below 450/750 volts.

Flexible control wire use ofc copper as conductor, conductor number include 2-10 cores. Section area usually include 0.3mm2-10.0mm2. Manufacturers also can customize special size according to customers’ requirements.

rvv cable
rvv control cable

What are the characteristics of control cable

  • Use PVC(Polyvinyl chloride) as insulation material, hs excellent electrical conductivity, mechanical properties, and chemical stability.
  • Suitable for controling system, monitoring loop system to proetc the wiring, suitable for 300/500V rated voltage and below.
  • Wire conductor long time working temperature is under 70℃, laying temperature not below 0℃.
  • Allowable bending radius is more than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable.
  • Use high purity OFC copper as the conductor, low resistance, good conductivity, small transmission loss, high oxidation resistance, good softness and long service life.
  • Easy to installation and easy to maintain.
  • DC Resistance: 20℃, 0.4mm copper ≤148Ω/km, 0.5mm copper ≤95Ω/km.
  • Insulation electric strength: 1min 1kv between conductors without breakdown Conductor and shield 1min 3kv without breakdown.
  • Insulation resistance: Each core wire is grounded with the other cores, the control cable is greater than 10000MΩ.km, and the HYAT cable is greater than 3000MΩ.km.
  • Working capacitance: average value 52±2nF/km.
  • Control wires are moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and damage-proof, and can be laid in tunnels or cable trenches.

Tips On Choosing

  • Choose brand wire is important for us to buying the quality items.
  • Choose a reliable manufacturer. Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. is a professional factory of all kinds of electric wires. The product range include control cable, signal cable, house wiring cable, communication cable, and other power cables. High quality, competitive price, and good service has gained many good reputations.
  • Not only focus on price. There is an old saying: You will get what you paid it. If taking more concern about the cheap price, you may not buying high quality cable.

Control cable has become the common used electric wire in industrial life, Henan Shenbei is here waiting for solving all electrical problems to all customers.

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