What is control cable used for

March 04, 2023

Control cable is widely used since it’s flexible structure, wide range of usage characteristics. This wire include several different types both gain good reputations from people all over the world. Today’s article main introduce what is the control wire used for.

What is a control cable

Control wires are mainly multi-core cables using for automation equipment and instrumentation. This wire can measure and regulate the transmission of automated processes. It has different production standard. It has no-shielding type( Only conductor, insulation, and outer sheath), shielding type(structure include conductor, shielding layer, insulation, and outer sheath), and twist shielding type( Structure include conductor, insulation, shielding layer of twist pairs, outer shielding layer, and outer sheath). At usuall circumstance, engineer can also customize its’ structure and type according to customers’ detail technical requirements.

What is a control cable used for

Control cables are mainly using to transmit control and measurement signals, etc. It is also suitable for long-distance operation, control of furnaces, signals and protection in industrial and mining enterprises and modern high-rise buildings with AC 50HZ, rated voltage 450/750V, 600/1000V and below measurement circuit. As a connection line between various electrical instruments and automatic instrumentation devices, it plays the role of transmitting various electrical signals and ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the system.

How to choose a control cable

When choosing a control wire, the first thing you need consider is the quality. OFC copper is the best material for electric wire conductor. The second factor you need conside is the flexibility. The third factor you need consider is the price, do not to buy the cheapest wire, as we all know, you will buy what you paid. On another saying, price can reflect the quality to a certain extent.

rvv cable
rvv control cable

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