What temperature can PVC cable withstand

March 09, 2023

PVC cable plays the important role in the electric industry. It has a wide application range, no matter for control systems, fire alarm systems, electric equipment, or house wiring wires, it both become the essential part. But for some special circumstances, people may be afraid of pvc wire characteristics, does it can use in any working temperature? Does it have a strong ability of high-temperature resistance? Will it melt at a high temperature? This article will show the answer to you.

In this article, we have below contents:

  • What is a PVC cable
  • Advantages
  • What temperature can PVC cable withstand
  • How to choose a PVC cable

First, we will introduce the concept of PVC wire

What is a PVC cable

PVC cable is also called PVC insulated PVC sheathed wire. The main feature of the structure is PVC. PVC's full name is polyvinyl chloride, it is a kind of flexible material. PVC wire use PVC as insulation and sheath material has strong flexibility. PVC wire is consists of a conductor and outer insulation, it is a tool that can transmit power and information well. The conductor usually includes a single conductor or multi-strand conductor. Its use range is wide, from control cable wire, and house wiring cable to industrial use power cable, people can both use it to advance electric performance.
Next, we will introduce its advantage of it.

pvc cable
rvv pvc cable


In detail, PVC copper wire has below features and advantages:

  • Compared with other materials, its density is relatively high, it can exhibit excellent strength, which provides a certain guarantee for its safety performance and lifespan.
  • The polyvinyl chloride resin and additives are mixed evenly so that its physical properties and texture are extremely uniform.
  • The color of flexible PVC wire is more uniform than other materials.
  • PVC copper wire contains less volatile matter of air agent, and although it is exposed to the air for a long time, it is not easy to produce air bubbles.
  • PVC is a new kind of environmental protection material, it will not bring harm to our life.
  • Dry and humid indoor environments can use PVC flexible wire, not suitable for outdoor environments. It is especially suitable for the measurement and control part of tool processing, the mechanical industry, electronics, and computer. It can apply to moderate mechanical stress and can move freely without tensile stress.
  • PVC wire price is lower if comparing with other materials.

Next, let’s start with the main topic of this article, discussing the working temperature.

What temperature can PVC cable withstand

Under normal circumstances, PVC power cables can keep working when the temperature is -10℃-70℃. This temperature range can meet most of the working environment requirements. But for some special working environments, such as working environments below -10℃ and above 90℃, you have to contact pvc copper wire manufacturers to customize special wire for you. Factory engineers can customize high-temperature and freeze-resistant PVC flexible wire according to customers’ special requirements.
Although we can buy all kinds of PVC electric wire in the market, we have to admit that different pvc wire has different quality level, and different countries also have different quality requirements. Some people focus on price too much, they almost spend most of their time comparing prices, and this has caused a lot of merchants in the market to be shoddy. Under this circumstance, how to choose high-quality wire has become an important problem for wire users. This is the last part we will state.

How to choose a PVC cable

When we want to choose a high-quality PVC electric copper wire, the first thing we need to do is choose a good brand. In the market, some wires come from unknown manufacturers and brands, maybe they have a cheaper price, but can't guarantee the quality. So when we choose a PVC wire, we should look for a brand and a reliable manufacturer. If you have confused about this, you can come to Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd., it is a professional factory manufacturing and selling all kinds of electric cables with 20+ years of experience. All customers contacting us can get a free sample to test the quality.

The second factor we should consider when choosing a high-quality PVC flexible wire is checking the wire by yourself. You can check the color of the outer sheath to see if the color is bright and uniform if the skin is smooth without spots. Check if the copper conductor is flexible and bright if it is not combustion when burned. Check if the wire has printed the specification and standard on the sheath.
The last factor should consider when choosing a high-quality copper pvc wire is price. Price is the base of quality, as the old saying in China, you will get what you paid. Everyone doesn’t want to buy high price cable, but also can’t buy too cheapest price cable. In the cable market, all materials cost is transparent, so you can calculate the price according to material cost. If the price is too low, then we should pay more attention about the quality. So when choosing high-quality electrical pvc wire, you should not care too much about the cost.

pvc wire
pvc wire

Now, do you have a better understanding of PVC cable? If you want to know more knowledge about it, please kindly contact Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd., we would like to share all information with you.

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