How does a control cable work

March 11, 2023

Control cable is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, energy, and transportation departments, it is a kind of PVC insulating and PVC sheath wire for controlling and protecting systems rated voltage below 450/750V. How does a control wire work, and how to choose and use a control wire, Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. engineer will introduce these via this article.

This article includes four topics:

  • What is a control cable
  • Control cable characteristic
  • Differences between control cable and power cable
  • How does a control cable work
  • How to choose and use a control cable

First, we will introduce what is a control wire. Only by understanding its structure and concept of it, we can better learn about it.

What is a control cable?

The control wire is like other wires, made of copper conductor, insulation material, and outer sheath. The conductor is usually single or multi-strand copper. Insulation and outer sheath material are usually PVC. Control electric wire is suitable for industrial, mining enterprises, and the energy transport sector.

control cable
control cable

After understanding what is it, we need to know its characteristic.
Control electric wire characteristic

Control cable characteristic

DC Resistance: 20℃, 0.4mm wire, ≤148Ω/km, 0.5mm wire, ≤95Ω/km.
Insulation electric strength: 1min 1kv between conductors without breakdown Conductor and shield 1min 3kv without breakdown.
Insulation resistance: Each core wire is grounded with the other cores, the control wire is greater than 10000MΩ.km, and the HYAT wire is greater than 3000MΩ.km.
Working capacitance: Average value 52±2nF/km.
Far-end crosstalk defense: The average power of the specified combination is greater than 69dB/km at 50kHZ.
Many people may feel confused about the power cable and control copper wire, this is the third topic of this article.

Differences between control cable and power cable

Control wire has the advantage of moisture, corrosion, and damage protection. It can be laid in a tunnel or cable trench. A power cable is used to transmit and distribute high-power electrical energy in the main line of the power system. The control copper wire directly transmits electric energy from the power distribution point of the power system to the power connection line of various electrical equipment and appliances. The rated voltage of the electric power wire is 0.6/1KV, but the control wire is 450/750V. When producing the same specification power cable and control wire, the insulation and sheath of the power cable will be thicker than the control electric wire. Below are the main differences between them.

  • Control electric wire belongs to the electrical equipment wire. But the power wire belongs to the second of class 5 electrical power.
  • The standard of the control wire is 9330, but the other is GB12706.
  • The section area of the control wire is not exceeded 10mm2, but the section area of the power wire is big since it is used for power transmission.
control cable vs power cable
control cable VS power cable

How does a control cable work

The cable is usually a rope-like cable twisted by several groups of wires (at least two in each group). Each group of wires is insulated from each other and is often twisted around a center. Insulated covering layer, internally energized and externally insulated.
To put it simply, the principle of controlling the connecting wires of each node component is to power on and off.
Finally, we will introduce how to choose and use control electric wire.

How to choose and use a control cable

The wire connected from the control center to each system to transmit signals or control operation functions is collectively referred to as control wires. In the early times, the control wire function is simple, it includes an indicator light display, instrument description, operation of relay and switchgear, alarm interlock system, etc. But recently, the control electric wire has had a high requirement since the extensive use of weak electricity and computer networks. When choosing wire, we usually need to consider the below factors.

Application: power cable, overhead cable, control wire, etc.
Laying conditions: General plastic insulated cable, steel armored cable, steel wire armored cable, corrosion-resistant cable, etc.
Safety requirements: We can choose non-flame retardant cables, flame retardant cables, halogen-free flame retardant cables, fire retardant cables, etc.
When we talk about how to use control wires, we also should consider the below points.
For PVC insulating sheath electric wire, it is suitable for fixed installation in places with high requirements for mechanical protection and moisture resistance and can be placed openly or hidden.
For single core PVC electric wire, it is suitable for house wiring cable, and also suitable for indoor use.

The installation environment temperature is not lower than -15℃. Suitable for light and medium mobile equipment, instrumentation, household equipment, power lighting, and other places where softness is required.
It is ending here with today’s article, if you still want to know more about control cable, you can contact Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd., and we will do our best to solve all of your problems.

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