Is PVC cable good for outdoor use?

March 18, 2023

PVC cable is frequently used for indoor occasions, but under some circumstances, it can also use outdoors. PVC wire has good advantages, these advantages make it become the most commonly used electric wire in the industrial market. But regarding if it can well using for outdoors, different people have different opinions. Sometimes it is good for outdoor use, but sometimes it may not suitable for outdoor use. In today’s article, we will introduce these two points. Please kindly follow our steps to understand it.

The contents include:

  • What are the advantages and types of PVC cable
  • What are the types of PVC cable
  • Is PVC cable good for outdoor use

We will start with the first topic, introduce its advantages of it.

What are the advantages and types of PVC cable


  • Compare with other materials, PVC flexible wire has high density, and it can show relatively excellent strength, which provides a certain guarantee for its safe performance and service life.
  • PVC's full name is Polyvinyl Chloride, it has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high strength, UV protection (aging resistance), fire-resistant and flame-retardant (self-extinguishing), stable insulation performance, smooth surface, easy to install. These make PVC cable also have good physical properties and long service time.
  • The color of PVC wire cable is more uniform than other materials.
  • The skin of PVC wire is uniform, and it is not easy to generate air bubbles after long-term exposure.
  • PVC insulation and sheath has good environmental protection characteristic, it will not produce substances harmful to humans and the environment.
  • PVC copper wire is flexible, easy to maintain, and easy to install.

After understanding why more and more people like to use PVC wire, next we will introduce its types of it.


Below wire types are some usually useing PVC cable type, which can meet all different about it.

1. Special PVC cable and wire

As it’s name, special PVC wire has the special features of insulation and sheath cable. The PVC material here has very good electrical and mechanical properties. At the same time, this type of wire has high flexibility and strength and can meet the strict requirement of wiring. This type of wire working temperature is -40℃-70℃ for fixed installation and 5℃-70℃ for flexible installation.

2. Cold-resistant PVC copper wire

Cold-resistant PVC as its name, it has strong cold resistance under a working temperature below 0℃. This type of wire has excellent mechanical strength and flexibility. It can show good performance even if under bad weather or temperature influence. Its working temperature is -40℃-70℃ for fixed installation, -20℃-70℃ for flexible installation.

3. Heat-resistant PVC flexible wire

This kind of wire can bear a working temperature of up to +105℃. The insulation and sheath materials of this type of wire have excellent electrical and mechanical values, to suit the higher working temperature. But this type of wire cannot withstand temperatures above maximum. If it is exposing above the maximum temperature, this will short the life of the wire. The working temperature is -40℃-90℃ for fixed installation, 5℃-90℃ for flexible installation, -bis-150℃ for short time using.

4. Oil-resistant PVC wire

This type of wire uses an oil-resistant compound as sheathing material and insulating material. Its’ working temperature is -40℃-70℃ for fixed installation and 5℃-70℃ for flexible installation.

In Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd., there are also some different PVC wire types, like control cable, house wiring cable, communication cable, etc. But these wires’ working environment is -20℃-70℃, it cannot withstand too lower or too higher temperature. If you want special PVC material, you can contact a supplier to customize it for you.

Last, we will return to today’s main topic, is this wire good for outdoor use?

Is PVC cable good for outdoor use

As we mentioned above, PVC flexible copper wire can be used outdoors. But it depends on the temperature and installation environment of outdoor.
If using this wire in pipes or underground pipelines, the temperature will not too low, so it is suitable for you.
If using it for a bad environment and lower temperature, then the cold resistant PVC and Oil resistant may need to be used.
No matter what method you want to use this wire, if you haven’t enough experience in installing it, you have to consult the electric engineer or contact Shenbei Cable to see which type of wire you should use, to avoid any possible danger caused by improper use.

Now, you should have a clear understanding of if PVC cable is good for outdoor use, if you still have any problems with the use and installation of PVC wire, please kindly leave a comment below, and we will contact you to solve all the problems you have.

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