Why use PVC wire

March 21, 2023

PVC wire is a kind of main-use electric cable. This kind of cable is widely used to power countless appliances and electrical equipment. From refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and televisions to increasingly popular consumer electronics such as personal computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other IT equipment, PVC cables are the robust and reliable lifeline that connects homes and offices to the rest of the world. Some people with experience in electric industries, know the importance of PVC wire. But for some beginners who want to choose the electric wire, the advantage of PVC cable is confusing. So today’s article will show the topic of “Why use PVC wire”.

Here are three topics in this article:
What is a PVC wire
Why use PVC wire
Tips on choosing PVC wire

First, let us know what is a PVC cable

What is a PVC wire

One reason why people like using PVC flexible cable is its simple structure. A PVC cable includes only two main materials, copper and PVC. We will introduce its structure by the types.
Control cable include rvv cable, rvvp cable, kvv cable, kvvp cable, etc. Their structure includes a multi copper core, filling materials, PVC insulation, and PVC sheath.
House wiring cable like BV cable, BVR cable, RV cable, etc. Their structure includes a single copper core and PVC insulation. So they are also called single copper core PVC insulated house wiring electric wire.
Instrument cable like rvs fire alarm cables, speaker cables, and led light cables, their structure also include copper conductors and PVC insulation.
So as above mentioned, PVC cable is a kind of electric cable with copper conductor, aluminum conductor, and PVC insulation or PVC outer sheath. PVC material has become an essential part of their structure, plays the role of transmission, and protects conductors.

pvc wire
BV pvc wire

Second, we will introduce why choose PVC copper cable.

Why use PVC wire

In this part, we will mainly introduce the advantages of PVC flexible cable.

  • Simple maintenance and low cost. This is one of the important advantages of PVC copper cable. If compare with PE sheath cable, PVC sheath cable cost will be much lower, and its maintenance is also very easy, engineers do not need to waste too much money and time on maintaining it.
  • PVC material density is high, and also has high strength, this can ensure safety and long time use.
  • The color is bright and uniform.
  • PVC cable has good flexibility, can well suitable for any installation environment. 
  • PVC is a flame retardant, which can reduce or inhibit combustion in the event of a fire and prevent flames from spreading.
  • Whether used indoors or outdoors, all cables must maintain high safety standards. PVC cable provides insulation, strength, and protection over a wide operating temperature range.
  • Flexible PVC cable is a smart choice because it is affordable, durable, a good insulator, and can be recycled. PVC wire and cable can be used for up to 70 years under normal use conditions.

These advantages make PVC copper cable has become the most commonly used electric cable in industries. People also want to choose it as the first choice otherwise there are special requirements.
Last, in this article, we will introduce some tips on choosing a suitable PVC electric cable.

Tips on choosing PVC wire

When choosing PVC cable, the first thing we need to consider is the quality. Since high-quality cable brings safe and long time use. So if want to buy high-quality cable, there are two factors we need to know in advance.
First: Don’t care too much about the low price. The price can reflect the essence of things to a certain extent. You can imagine if you can buy gold with the silver cost. The answer is no. A different quality product will spend a different cost. There is an old saying in China, you will get what you pay. So if you only want to buy low-price cable, then you should also be prepared for low-quality threads. High quality and low price won’t happen at the same time.
Second: Choosing cable from a brand or a factory. Since the factory or cable brand is professional for electric cables. There are different quality levels in the market, if you met someone selling low-quality cable at a high-quality cost, that will be a very annoying thing. So only you choose a cable brand or a cable factory, they have the best understanding of the cable production and quality level, and they can recommend suitable quality level cables at a suitable price according to your budget. Let you get your money's worth.

If you are still thinking about where to choose suitable quality PVC cable with a suitable price, you can come to Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd.---Specialized in the electric cable field for 20+ years, with the strength of high quality, competitive price, and good service. A trustworthy and honest manufacturer.

Now, do you have an idea of why use PVC wire? If you still want to know more information about PVC wire cable, we would like to see your comments or meassage below.

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