How do I identify an XLPE cable and PVC cable?

March 25, 2023

Many customers only mention the specification of the wire they need, but without the information of XLPE cable or PVC cable needed. So the result is manufacturer can’t quote the accurate price, or customers buy the incorrect product. Some customers leave us the message “How do I identify an XLPE wire and PVC wire”? This will be the main topic of today’s article.

This blog mainly includes two topics:

  • The same points
  • How to identify

Now, let us enter into the main content of today's article.

How do I identify an XLPE cable and PVC cable

First, we will discuss the same points of these two wires.

The same points

PVC wire and XLPE wire are both insulating cables, different in insulation materials. A PVC flexible wire is made of copper conductor and PVC insulation, an XLPE wire is made of copper or aluminum conductor and XLPE insulation. The structure of these two wires is the same, both include conductor and insulation. Both are used for industrial electrics. But there is also some difference for us to identify it.
Next, we will introduce the differences between them.

How do I identify an XLPE cable and PVC cable

Under normal circumstances, we can identify these two wires from the below points:

  • Cost is different. XLPE wire will spend higher than PVC flexible wire. So if you bought an electric wire and want to know the insulation material, you can judge it according to the cost you pay.
  • Thickness is different. Usually, XLPE insulation is used to produce power cable, to support higher voltage and load capacity, it is better to use a thicker conductor. On the other hand, PVC insulation load capacity and voltage are less than XLPE insulation, so this material is usually used to produce little thinner wire.
  • Conductor size is different. Since XLPE wire has a bigger conductor size, it usually carries bigger power can load compare with PVC copper wire. And the rated voltage of them is also different. PVC flexible wire rated voltage is 450/750V or 300/500V, but XLPE wire usually carries the rated voltage of 0.6/1KV. And the rated voltage usually appeared on the surface of the wire, this can as a reference for us to identify the wire specification.
  • Typing words on cable is different. PVC and XLPE wire both have different specifications and technical information, some of the information will be printed on wire. So we can also find some clues from the words typed on the wire.
  • Ask the seller. If you don’t how to recognize these two kinds of wire, you can directly ask the seller. This is the easiest way you can identify the cable type.
xlpe cable and pvc cable
XLPE cable and PVC cable

Recommend a reliable supplier

As of the above introduction, we have introduced some methods you can identify the wire types. XLPE and PVC are just two different kinds of insulation material with different advantages, you will know which type of cable you should use when you have a full understanding of their characteristics. Next, we want to introduce our company----Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. to you.
Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. is an enterprise integrating science, industry, and trade, and is a professional factory of manufacturing electric cables. The factory is established in 2008 and covers an area of 30,000 square meters. There are more than ten production workshops, daily output is about 500,000 meters. It has more than 10 post-doctoral and master scientific research staff, 100 skilled production workers, has a strong production ability.
Henan Shenbei has advanced production equipment, perfect product inspection equipment, has good competition in the market.
The main products range is control cable, house wiring cable, instrument cable, communication cable, high-temperature cable, and other power cables.

If you have any problem with XLPE cable and PVC cable, welcome to the Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. website to consult customer service, it will offer 24-hour warm and honest service for you.

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