What is a RVS cable?

February 06, 2023

RVS cable belongs to a kind of electric cables. It’s full name is copper core PVC insulating twist connecting use flexible cable. Another name is double twist cable. RVS wire is not only flexible, but also easy to use, and wide using range, and it has become the usual used wire.

RVS cable structure

This cable structure include conductor and insulation.

Conductor is usually made by copper or tinned copper, insulation is usually made by high quality flexible PVC.

rvs cable

RVS cable types

According to special material and special requirements, RVS wire include NH-RVS, ZR-RVS, and normal RVS.

NH-RVS means fire resistance electric wire, compare with normal wire, it adds a layer of mica tape inside the PVC insulated, hence it brings the advantage of fire-resistance.

ZR-RVS mean flame retardant electric wire. Compare with normal RVS wire, it change the PVC insulation to flame retardant material PVC, so that it will not burn in fire, safe to use.

Normal RVS means working temperature is -10℃-70℃, use the normal flexible PVC material. Since the cheap price compare with NH-RVS and ZR-RVS, engineers use this kind of wire more often.

RVS cable application

  • It is mostly used in the detector line of automatic fire alarm system.
  • It is suitable for household appliances, small electric tools, instruments and meters and power lighting wires. Double white cores are used for direct connection to lamp head wires; red and blue cores are used for fire protection, alarms, etc.; red and white cores are used for broadcasting and telephone lines; red and black cores are used for broadcasting lines.
  • It is used to connect the power amplifier and audio equipment, and the broadcasting system transmits the audio signal amplified by the power amplifier.

Where to buy RVS cable

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