Is shielded cable or unshielded cable better?

September 28, 2022

When coming to choose electric cable for installation or connecting network instrument, people usually confused with shielded cable and unshielded cable, how to distinguish and how to choose them has become a problem. This article will explain this problem for you.

shielded and unshielded cable

First, want to understand these two kinds of electric wire clearly, we need understand what is them and their features.

What is shielded power cable?

Shield wire, as its’ name, the main purpose of this cable is shielding, it usually includes on or two layer shielding layer, shielding layer usually is tin foil and weave mesh. Different customer may have different requirements about shielding layer, no matter what material it made, the purpose is to reduce the interference in the signal transmission process and keep the signal transmission secret. So engineers usually use this cable in the occasions that need that require high anti-interference.

shielded cable

Shielded electric cable types

According to different purpose, shielded wire has different types. Such as: RVVP shielded signal cable, shielded ethernet cable, shielded twisted pair cable, shielded audio cable, shielded instrument cable, shielded control cable, and shielded telephone communication cable. Both these cables are shielding cable with one or two shielding layers inside the cable.

What is unshielded power cable?

Compare with shielded wire cable, unshielded wire cable haven’t the shielding layer, it only has conductor, insulation and outer sheath. People usually use it as instrument, power cable, or other occasions not need signal anti-jamming.

unshielded cable

Unshielded electric cable types

According to different purpose and different structure, unshieded multicore cable also has different types, such as: RVV control cable, RVS cable, utp network cable etc. These wire both use in the occasions not need signal transmission protection.

Copper shielded cable VS copper unshielded cable, which to choose?

There are some differences between these two wire, you can choose which to use according to their differences.

  • Application is different. If your using occasions require very strict anti-interference performance, then you should choose shielded copper wire. If you only use wire for power connect instrument or fire alarm system, or control cable, or these occasions not need any strict anti-interference, then you should choose unshielded electric wire.
  • Cost is different. If your using environment hasn’t any special requirement and signal shielding needs, then you can choose according to your budget. Braided shield cable cost is high than unshielded copper wire.
  • Structure is different. Shielded wire has one or two layers of shielding materials, but unshielded wire hasn’t shielding layer. So when you choose these cables to use, you can see if their structure is suitable for you.
  • Color is different. Under normal circumstance, shield wire is black color, but unshield wire has different color. You can also choose according to the color you need.

Now, do you understand the differences between shielded and unshielded cable? Welcome to Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. to buy different electric wire. Highest quality cable with competitive factory price are waiting for your inquiry.

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