What’s the differences between RVV cable and RVVP cable?

September 26, 2022

RVV cable and RVVP cable are commonly used in control and singnal systems. They are both flexible copper cable, have some same points and differences. Projects can choose the suitable cable from them according to their differences.

rvv VS rvvp cable

What is RVV electric cable?

Want to understand what is RVV wire, we should first undrtstand it’s name. The letter “R” means flexible and soft, the letter of “VV” means 2 or more than 2 RV cable wire. So RVV power cable includes 2 or more RV cables inside, cover with PVC insuation and PVC outer sheath, pure copper conductor flexible electric wire. Its’ full name is multi-core copper conductor PVC insulation PVC outer sheath flexible soft electric wire. Its’ conductor is usually 2-24 cores. Here is a structure picture of RVV cable product.

rvv cable structure

What is shielded RVVP cable?

Cable RVVP is similar to cable RVV. Compare to RVV wire, RVVP wire added two shielding layers to enhance the anti-interference performance of the wire. For shielding layers, there are two usual using materials, tin foil+ copper mesh and tin foil + alloy mesh. Its’ full name is Multi-core copper conductor PVC insulation PVC sheath shielding felxible power cable. Here is a structure of RVVP shielding PVC cable.

rvvp cable structure

RVV power cable and RVVP shielded flexible cable, what’s the same point?

  1. Rated voltage is the same: cable section area less than 0.75mm2 is 300/300V, above 0.75mm2 is 300/500V.
  2. Conductor is the same: internation stock cables both use pure ofc copper as conductor. Low resistance, good conductivity, small transmission loss, high oxidation resistance, good softness and long service life. But tinned copper conductor can also be customized according to customers’ requirements.
  3. Insulation and outer sheath is the same: They both use high quality PVC as inner insulation and outer sheat, good bending resistance, bright color and long service life.
  4. Core numbers and core section area is the same: both multi core, 2-24 cores, 0.3mm2-10mm2. Customization also accept.

RVV wire cable and RVVP wire cable, what’s the difference?

  1. Constructure is different: RVVP wire adds two layer of shielding than RVV wire. This can improve the anti-interference ability of signal transmission, make signal transmission more secure.
  2. Cost is different: Since the shielding layer, so RVVP electric cable will cost higher than RVV cable.
  3. Application occasions is different: RVV is suitable for control signal transmission wire, electrical equipment, instruments, automation equipment, security and anti-theft alarm systems, high-rise building intercom systems, household lighting connection lines, etc. RVVP is suitable for communication, audio, broadcasting, audio system, anti-theft alarm system, intelligent automation system, automatic meter reading system, fire protection system etc. It is suitable for occasions requiring anti-interference line connection, efficient and safe transmission of data cables.
  4. Color is different: RVV is black and white outer sheath color, RVVP is black outer sheath color.
rvvp cable

Now, do you understand the differences between RVV cable and RVVP cable? Although they both belog to the kind of control cable, but RVVP also has the features of shielded cable. Welcome to Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. to find more suitable cables, exclusive discounts and gifts are waiting for you.

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