What’s the common used communication cable?

September 24, 2022

Communication cable is a kind of essential electric wire when we doing house construction. We also call it as telephone cable, since we usually use it to connect to the phone or voice call system, widely used in weak current system. Today’s article, we will explain what is it and what’s the common used of communication wire?

What’s the communication cable wire?

Communication cable consists of a plurality of mutually insulated wires or conductors to form a wire core, and a communication wire with a sealing sheath on the outside. Some cables are also have outer protect layer outside of the outer sheath. There are various laying methods such as overhead, direct burial, pipeline and underwater. The communication power wire has a wider transmission frequency band, a larger communication capacity, and less external interference, but it is not easy to repair. It can transmit phone calls, telegrams, data and images, etc.

What is the communication cable types?

  • According to conductor numbers, it has 5 pairs, 10 pairs, 20 pairs, 25 pairs, 30 pairs, 50 pairs, 100 pairs, 200 pairs, and 300 pairs.
  • According to using environment, communication wire types have outdoor communication cables and indoor communication cables. Usually, outdoor communication wire is black, there is a PE protection layer outside the outer sheath, and an armored layer when it includes over 10 conductor. These can protect well the cable when using outdoor.

What is the communication cable price?

In the market, there are many communication wire suppliers, many people may want to know if the price is expensive. There are many factors can influence the price.

  • Conductor numbers: The more quantity the conductor number is, the higher the price is.
  • Using environment: Cable using indoor will be cheaper than using outdoor. Since outdoor using will add an armoured layer and PE protection outside jacket.
  • Special requirements: Cable with specical requirement will higher than cable without special requirement.

Where to find the reliable communication cable suppliers?

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