What is RVV cable used for?

September 19, 2022

RVV cable is widely used in electrician, electric project, and construction control system. It is a kind of flexible electric wire with pvc insulation. Many electric cable factories also customize this cable to many different types to meet different requirements of customers all over the world. But do you exactly know when we should use this electric cable? And what is it used for? This article will explain this topic.

rvv cable
rvv cable

First, if wanting to know when we should use it, we need know what is it.

What is IEC 52 RVV cable

IEC 52 is the IEC International Electrotechnical Commission Specified cable standard number. It is a international standard number, applicable in evey country. RVV cable wire consists of two or more RV wires, so we also call 2 Core Cable RVV, 3 Cores RVV Cable, etc. The letter of “R” means flexible, so full name is multi core copper conductor PVC insulation PVC outer sheath flexible electric cable. It is usually knowing as PVC sheath wire, weak current systems often use it. Since it is flexible, easy to installation, so it become the most popular cable wire using in household electrical equipment with voltage levels 300/500V and below.

This cable structure include 3 parts:

Copper conductor: Henan Shenbei Industrial ensure use 99.99% high purity ofc copper to make the conductor, high oxidation resistance, copper wire can pass the resistance detection.

PVC insulation: Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. use high quality PVC material, insulation effect is good.

PVC outer sheath: Protects the inner sheath of the cable from mechanical damage and chionemical corrosion. At the same time enhance the mechanical strength of the cable.

rvv cable structure
rvv cable structure

RVV cable wire advantages

  • High-quality PVC sheath, high flexibility, resistance to pulling and bending, prevent short-circuit and open-circuit, extinguished instantly after leaving the open flame, safe to use.
  • The conductor is made of 99.99% high-quality oxygen-free copper, with strong current load capacity. Not easy to heat up, long life, bright color.
  • Strong combustion resistance, easy to peel off, easy to process and manufacture.
  • Strengthen sheath performance, through high-strength bending, tension, resistance and other experiments.
  • Built-in tensile cotton filling, filling the gap in the core, corrosion resistance, acid resistance.
  • Flame retardant PVC insulation, imported plastic materials, corrosion-resistant, anti-freezing, not easy to ignite, self-extinguishing from fire, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, safe and secure.
  • It is in strict accordance with national quality standards, conforms to various domestic and foreign tests, and checks the quality of each layer to protect the safe use of electricity.
  • NH-RVV, ZR-RVV, WDZN-RYY available.

What is RVV electric cable used for

  1. Suitable for electrical equipment, instrumentation, automation equipment
  2. Suitable for electrical equipment, instrumentation, automation equipment
  3. Suitable for security and anti-theft alarm system
  4. Applicable to high-rise building intercom system
  5. Suitable for household lighting cable

How to choose RVV power cable

There are many companies sell RVV control cable in the market, how to choose it? Here are some tips for your reference.

  • Outer sheath: The outer sheath color of the high quality electric wire is bright, smooth to the touch, more flexible, you can pinch it with your finger to see if it leaves a noticeable white mark.
  • Cross section: Consistent thickness from outer sheath to inner insulation.
  • Conductor: Conductor is bright, high flexible, measure resistance and diameter. In this way, we can know if the cable is the national-standard quality.

If you want to know more knowledge about RVV cable, welcome to Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd., it not only supply high quality RVV cable, but also RVVP cable, BV cable, BVR cable, instrument cable, and other network communication cable with the best price.

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