What are shielded cable used for?

September 14, 2022

Shielded cable is important in construction project, knowing what is it and when to use it is also very important. In some construction applications, it can help a project or a electric power system more smooth and more suitable for application when you knowing how to use it. Do you want to know more applications about screened cable? Follow this article, here will shows.

What is shielded cable

Shielded power cable is electric cables that contain copper conductor, pvc insulation, shielding layer and pvc outer sheath. Copper conductor is multi-strand thinner copper, shielding layer include two layers, tin foil and shielding mesh layer, shielding mesh layer is braiding alloy mesh or braided copper mesh. Many factories can customize shielding mesh layer density according to customers’ requirements. Normally, the higher the density, the higher the price is. In the market, since the cost reason, usually using shielding layer is 40% alloy mesh, customers also accept copper mesh shielding layer with high requirements of shielding.

RVVP Cable
RVVP Cable

Shielded cable types and differences between them

In the market, there are usually using two kinds of shielding wire cables: RVVP cable and KVVP cable. Difference between them is the conductor structure and flexibility. Multi flexible thinner copper make RVVP cable conductor, it is flexible. But solid copper make KVVP cable, it is hard. Below picture shows the differences between them.

Shielded Cable
Shielded Cable

What are shielded cable used for

The importance of shielded cables cannot be stressed enough. So their application is also very important. Shielded cable also belongs to the control cable. It is widely using in shielding system and controling system. In industrial settings and installations, there maybe likely to generate electromagnetic interference (EMI). In this situation, if we want to the electric industrial settings working well, then we need RVVP cable or KVVP cable here. Shielded cables are using to protect the data being transferring through the cable from degradation by EMI exposure, which is common in data centers, industrial settings, offices, and other settings where computer technology, electrical equipment, or electronic equipment is in heavy use. The shielding layer reduces the volume and intensity of the electrical noise, lowering its effect on signals and transmission while also reducing electromagnetic radiation. So if you want to keep the data transferred safety, shielded electric cable is a good choice. But also because it’s data protection function, this cable price is a little higher than in-shielded cables.

Where to buy cheap shielded cable

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