The differences between PVC cable and LSZH cable

June 13, 2023

PVC cable and LSZH cable are different in the industries. They have different materials and different functions when used. Some people will meet some problems when choosing them. They don’t know how to choose them is correct. They have some differences for people to distinguish which one should choose. This is the main topic of this article.

There are three main parts to this article:

  • What is a PVC cable
  • What is an LSZH cable
  • The differences between PVC cable and LSZH cable

Now, we will enter into our first topic, understanding what is a PVC insulating wire.

What is a PVC cable

The PVC insulated copper wire, as the name, is made of Polyvinyl chloride as the insulation and sheath material. PVC belongs to a usual kind of insulation and sheath material when producing electric wires since it has the advantages of being waterproof and lightweight, flame retardant heat insulation, and cheap cost. Factories also can produce different PVC wire colors according to different customers’ preferences.
In the market, there are different types of PVC copper wire, such as single-core house wiring cable, rvv kvv multicore control cable, rvvp kvvp multicore shielding cable, etc. For some telecom communication cables, factories also use PVC material as the sheath material to keep the electric wire can easily peeling off.

PVC wire

Now, we will enter into our second topic, the concept of LSZH wire.

What is an LSZH cable

LSZH is short for Low smoke zero halogens. People also call it as LSZH、LSOH、LS0H、LSFH, and OHLS. It is a kind of outer sheath material classified in the electric wire industry. The LSZH wire means low smoke emission when wires heat, and it does not contain halogen too.
Most of the cable sheath is made of PE, PVC, or thermoplastic polyurethane. Chlorine-containing plastics will release toxic hydrogen chloride if caught on fire, and hydrochloric acid will produceing if exposed to water. The low-smoke and halogen-free materials will not release hydrogen halide or other acids when they are on fire. But the LSZH material hasn’t any different if seen from the external.

Finally, we will introduce the main topic of this article, the differences between PVC flexible wire and LSZH wire.

The differences between PVC cable and LSZH cable

In the market, many users don’t know how to choose wire sheath material. These two kinds of wires have some differences that can help you distinguish how to use them.

  • Does not release halogen acid gas

Because the insulating protective sheath of PVC cables contains halogen, a large amount of halogen acid gas will release when a fire breaks out and burns. This gas is highly corrosive, which greatly hinders firefighters' firefighting work and will exacerbate the spread of fire. The low-smoke halogen-free cable does not contain halogen, so no halogen acid gas is releasing when burning occurs, which helps to improve the efficiency of firefighting.

  • Very little smoke when burning

Because PVC cables will emit a lot of smoke during burning, it will hinder the relevant staff, and the smoke will also pollute the environment. Comparing with PVC insulated cables, low-smoke halogen-free cables are burning during the process, only a very light amount of smoke is emitted, and the amount of smoke emitted should also be recognized as reaching the level of "low smoke".

  • Large bending radius during laying

To further strengthen the electrical performance and mechanical energy of LSZH cables to ensure better power transmission quality. When laying construction, compared with PVC halogen-containing insulated cables, LSZH cables have a larger bend radius.

  • Cost is also different

LSZH copper wire cost is higher than PVC insulated flexible cable, but it is much safer, not only safer for fire burning but also safer for people’s health. PVC insulated wire cables cost is cheaper than LSZH wire, but it hasn’t the same safer advantage as the LSZH copper wire.

  • Flexibility is different

The flexibility of LSZH wire is not strong than the pvc insulated pvc sheathed cable, so LSZH cable is not recommended for robotic or continuous flex applications.

  • Application is different

LSZH copper flexible wire is suitable for 450/750V and below-rated voltage, places with halogen-free, low-smoke, flame-retardant requirements, and high safety and environmental protection requirements. Such as high-rise buildings, stations, subways, airports, hospitals, large libraries, gymnasiums, villas, family homes, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, and other crowded places. But PVC insulated multi-strand wire can be suitable for any occasion that needs electric wiring, with lower requirements for the halogen-free and low-smoke.

Now, after reading this article, you must know the differences between PVC cable and LSZH cable. If you still want to know more information about this topic, welcome to Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. for consulting.

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