Where and why should you use shielded wire?

May 23, 2023

Knowing where and why should you use shielded wire is knowing the working environment of the cable. People usually choose suitable electric cables according to their application and special needs. In other words, it is essential to see if the cable need to reduce and insulates the transfer of data or power from ‘electrical noise’ or ambient electromagnetic interference (EMI) found in industrial, engineering, or manufacturing environments. Where a high degree of electrical power is present, and data and power transfer are subject to electronic interference. In today’s article, we will introduce something you need to know about shielding cables.

There are a total of five parts in this article:

  • What is a shielded wire?
  • Where should you use shielded wire?
  • Why should you use shielded wire?
  • Principle of using shielded wire
  • How to use the shielded wire?

First of all, we need to talk about what is the shielding cable.

What is a shielded wire?

The braided shield cable belongs to a kind of transmission electric wire using the metal mesh braiding layer covering the signal cable. The braiding mesh layer usually uses copper, alloy, or tinned copper with different braiding densities. For a copper-shielded cable, the shielding layer is grounding to ensure reducing the influence of the external electromagnetic field.
The power cable with a covering of a shielding layer is usually calling as a screened cable. Here is a picture showing the detailed structure of it.

shielded cable

Next, we will discuss the occasions you should use screened wire.

Where should you use shielded wire?

Different from other electric wire types, the main feature of the shield wire is the shielding layer. Some users want to use the single shielding layer cable, but some users want to use double shielded cable. The shielding layer is an important part of it. Because of this feature, it also has some unique application occasions.

  • It is suitable for occasions have strong electromagnetic interference. The shielding layer can well protect the signal and avoid the influence of electromagnetic interference.
  • It is suitable for occasions that have high requirements for signal transmission. The shielding layer can well protect the safety of the signal transmission.
  • It is suitable for long-distance signal transmission.

Next part, we will discuss the reasons you need to use a shielded control cable.

Why should you use shielded wire?

In some industrial occasions, electromagnetic radiation pollution is serious and seriously distorts the transmission signal. Under such circumstances, using shielded cable wire will effectively reduce the interference, and make the signal clear. The function of the shielded wire is to isolate the electromagnetic field noise source from sensitive equipment. Cut off the propagation path of the noise source. Shielding is also divided into active shielding and passive shielding, active shielding is preventing the noise source from radiating outwards, it is the shielding of the noise source. Passive shielding is preventing sensitive equipment from being interfered with by noise sources, and it is a shield for sensitive equipment. So using copper-shielded electric wire is very important for protecting the data security transmission.

After understanding where and why you should use a screened ethernet cable, do you know the working principle of it? Now, we will enter into this topic.

Principle of using shielded wire

The interference source and the receiving end are equivalent to the two poles of the capacitor. Voltage fluctuations on one side will be sensed on the other end through capacitance. Access to the middle layer (shielding layer) inserted into the ground destroys this equivalent capacitance and calmly cuts off the interference path.
Now, we will enter into the last topic of this article, notes on using the screened multicore cable.

How to use the shielded wire?

Remember: it is better not to use it than to use it indiscriminately.
Choosing suitable copper-shielded cable should according to your applications, number of transmission wires, overcurrent size, etc. Many online shops are selling all types of shielded instrument cables, such as Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. is a good place you can visit.
There is another thing that needs to be noted is the use of a shielding wire is not only connecting the signal wire but also being grounded to ensure it has a shielding effect. Only in this way, the interference current induced by the shielding wire can be discharged through the ground. So how to ground becomes an important thing. Below will introduce some answers about how to ground the shielding wire.

  • In most applications, ground the shielded copper cable at one end. The other end is floating. If the two ends are grounded, it will often cause the two ends to have unequal potentials. The shielding performance will be damaged when there is a potential difference.
  • In several applications, grounding the shielding wire cable at two ends is essential. Only in this way can avoid the voltage influence caused by electromagnetic changes be solved. One end can connect to the isolated ground.
  • Generally, grounding refers to grounding the earth.
  • Regarding the detail connecting method, we also suggest using it according to engineers' advise to ensure safety and durable use.

You must understand where and why you should use shielded wire after reading this article, if you still have any doubts, pls kindly contact Henan Shenbei Cable at any time, 24 hours customer service will wait for your consult.

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