What is large logarithmic communication cable?

October 14, 2022

Large logarithmic communication cable belogs to the kind of communication cable, it is also called telephone communication cable, so many people may confuse it with the telephone cable and network cable. Definitly, these three kinds of cables both belong to communication cable, but the structure and application are different. In this article, we will introduce what is large logarithmic communication cable.

What is large logarithmic communication cable

Large logarithmic communication cable is consist of several strands insulated conductor wire and sealed sheath. Some cables also add protection layer outside the cable. There are various laying methods such as overhead, direct burial, pipeline and underwater. The chromatographic composition sequence of communication cables is always composed of 10 colors, consisting of 5 primary colors and 5 secondary colors, divided into: 10 pairs, 20 pairs, 30 pairs, 50 pairs, 100 pairs, 200 pairs, 300 pairs, etc.

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Advantages of large logarithmic communication cable

  1. Rainproof, sunscreen, frostproof, anti-rat bite, anti-stretch, anti-aging。
  2. Mainly used to transmit audio, 150kHZ and below analog signals and 2048kbit/s and below digital signals. Under certain conditions, people use it to transmit digital signals above 2048kbit/s.
  3. Specifications

Product performance standards: YD/T630-93

Conductor: OFC Copper

Insulation: High density PE

Insulation In Pairs: The single insulated wire is twisted into pairs according to different pitches, and the specified chromatographic combination is used to identify the first pair; the mutual interference and crosstalk between the wire pairs are reduced, and the power consumption is small.

Armored: Outdoor use with armored layer, indoor use without armored layer, or customized.

  • Main electrical properties

DC Resistance: 20℃, 0.4 ≤148Ω/km 0.5 ≤95.0Ω/km 0.6 ≤65.8Ω/km 0.8 ≤36.6 Ω/km2

Dielectric Strength: 1min 1kv between conductors without breakdown, Conductor and shield 1min 3kv no breakdown.

Insulation resistance: Each core wire is grounded with the rest of the core wire, the gas-filled cable is greater than 10000MΩ.km, and the filled cable is greater than 3000MΩ.km.

Working capacitor: Average 52±2nF/km

Far-end crosstalk defense: The average power of the specified combination at 150kHZ is greater than 69dB/km

Large logarithmic telephone cable types

1, According to twisted pair type, it has category 3, category 5, category 6.

2, According to shielding or not, it has UTP, FTP, SFTP, and STP.

3, According to pairs, it has 25 pairs, 50 pairs, and 100 pairs.

4, According to using environment, it has

LSZH: Low-smoke halogen-free type, with certain flame retardant ability, it will burn afterward and release CO, but not halogen

LSHF-FR: Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant type, not easy to burn, less CO release, low smoke, no halogen release, less harmful

FEP and PFA: Cable made of fluoroplastic resin

Large logarithmic copper communication cable application

Generally, people use large logarithmic communication cables in weak current projects, and voice trunks, etc.

If you want to know more detail information about large logarithmic communication cable, you can leave your comment below, we will contact you asap to help you solve all of your questions.

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