What is shielded cable used for?

April 13, 2023

The shielded cable is a special cable used to isolate the electromagnetic field noise source from sensitive equipment and cut off the propagation path of the noise source. Shielding includes active and passive shielding. Active shielding is to prevent the noise source from radiating outward, and it is the shielding of the noise source. Passive shielding is preventing sensitive equipment from being interfered with by noise sources. And it is a shield for sensitive equipment. PVC shielding wire has become one of the most popular using electric wires in the market. Today’s article will introduce some knowledge about shielding copper wire. Below is the main topic of this article.

  • What is a shielded cable
  • What is shielded cable used for
  • What is the difference between shielded cable and unshielded cable
  • How to choose a reliable supplier

First of all, we will introduce what is a shielded wire.

What is a shielded cable

A shielding wire is a kind of transmission electric wire using a layer of metal mesh braiding to cover the signal cable. The shielding braid layer is usually alloy, copper, or tinned copper with different densities. The shielding layer of the shielding wire needs to connect grounding. So that the external interference signals can guid into the earth by this layer.

Its structure is also simple, it includes ofc copper conductor, PVC insulation, foil shielding layer, metal mesh shielding layer, and PVC outer sheath. For braiding metal mesh shielding layer, there are also different materials. Such as alloy, copper, and tinned copper with different densities for your choice. PVC shielding wire also includes flexible shielding cable and solid shielding cable. The flexible copper cable includes RVVP shielded cable, and solid copper PVC wire include KVVP shielded cable. Here are pictures of them.

shielded cable

Now we have understood what is a PVC shielding wire. This kind of copper cable gained so many good reputations and markets, and it must have some reasons people use it. Now, we will introduce these reasons in the next part.

Why is a shielded cable used for

PVC shielding wire has shielding mesh and alloy shielding layer around the conductor, there will haven’t any signal leakage, and at the same time, it will not be disturbed by external electromagnetic interference. It can well mitigate EMI, and ensure the safety of information transmission. So it is widely suitable for occasions that need strict signal shielding and information security.

At the same time, compare with other signal protection power equipment, PVC shielding electric wire has the advantage of cheaper cost and long service time. It is easy to install and maintain. So many users like to use shielding wire as their common wire.

In the market, there is also another kind of popular electric wire-unshielding electric cable. What’s the difference between these two kinds of wires is also the main focus for some users.

What’s the difference between shielded cable and unshielded cable

  • The structure is different. PVC shielding wire uses a metal mesh shielding layer and an alloy shielding layer to cover the conductor. Adds PVC insulation and PVC outer sheath. But PVC unshielded wire hasn’t the two shielding layers, the same components are copper conductor, PVC insulation, and PVC outer sheath. The difference in structure is the shielding layer, and this is the biggest difference between them.
  • The connecting method is different. Shielding cable has a shielding layer, it needs to be grounded to ensure external interference signals can be introduced into the earth, and ensure the safety of information transmission. Unshielded cable only has one layer of insulation covering, direct physical connection, and no need to consider grounding issues. Flexible networking and easier installation.
  • The Data transmission quality is different. Since the screened cable has a shielding layer when it is grounded, it can ensure that the transmitted data will not be leaked, and will not be disturbed by external electromagnetic interference, it also can transmit and ensure the correctness of the data. But unshielded wire hasn’t had these advantages, it can’t protect information safety. So the transmission quality of the shielding wire is stronger than unshielded wire.
  • Application is different. Shielding flexible and solid cable is suitable for occasions that need information confidentiality, the shielding layer can protect the information safety. But unshielded cable is suitable for all control systems, electric appliances, building intercoms, and home lighting systems.
shielded cable vs unshielded cable

There are many different electric cable suppliers in the market, how to choose a reliable one also has become an important problem for all cable users. At the final of this article, we will recommend a reliable supplier to you.

How to choose a reliable supplier

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Introduction of Henan Shenbei

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After reading this article, have you well understood the shielded cable? If you still have any problems, highly welcome you to come to Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. for consulting. All of our customer services are waiting for your kind inquiry.

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