What’s the difference between PVC cable and rubber cable

April 11, 2023

PVC cable and rubber cable are not only two kinds of popular electric wire in the industrial market. These two kinds of wires but also play an important role in the electric industry. Rubber and PVC both belong to a kind of insulation material, but different plastic material has different features and different application. In this article, we will mainly introduce the difference between these two insulated electric wires.

There are mainly three parts to this article:

  • Why PVC cable is used
  • Why rubber cable is used
  • What’s the difference between PVC cable and rubber cable

People use different insulation wires since they have different advantages and different using applications. So, first of all, we will discuss the reasons why these wires are so popular in the market.

Why PVC cable is used

PVC wire uses high-quality PVC as the insulation material, and copper, tinned copper, or aluminum as the conductor material. But different cable types have different PVC insulation layers. Such as BV and BVR both have one layer of PVC insulation But control cable like RVV, and RVVP uses two layers of PVC, one layer is insulation and one layer is the outer sheath.
Compare with other cables, PVC copper wire has the advantages of cheap cost, cheap installation, and cheap maintenance. Flexible material easy to form and install. And it also has the advantages of strong oxidation resistance, and stable chemical and physical properties, so PVC flexible wire is widely used in the electric market.

PVC cable

Why rubber cable is used

Rubber wire uses rubber material as the insulation material, and copper as the conductor. Rubber wire include h07rn-f, h05rn-f, h05rr-f etc. The rubber material has the strong ability of flexibility to meet different and strict installation requirements. H07rn-f cable is a kind of special outdoor electric wire, and it is widely used. It has excellent electrical insulation, chemical stability, unparalleled flexibility, and the physical advantages of ordinary electric wire. Excellent weather resistance can meet all difficulties using the environment.

rubber cable

Now, after understanding why people like to use PVC copper wire and h05rn-f rubber cable, the next step is explaining what is the difference between PVC flexible cable and rubber electric wire.

What’s the difference between PVC cable and rubber cable

  • Insulation is different. As their names, PVC wire uses PVC as an insulating material, and rubber flexible cable uses rubber as an insulating material. The biggest difference between them is the insulation material.
  • The structure is different. PVC copper wire structure includes ofc copper conductor, PVC insulation, PVC outer sheath, and white filling materials if needed. Rubber copper cable structure includes ofc copper conductor, rubber insulation, and rubber outer sheath.
  • The cost is different. Since they are different materials, the rubber cable cost will be a little higher than a PVC copper flexible wire.
  • Application is different. The rubber wire is suitable for power devices with AC rated voltage of 300V/500V and 450/750V and below, household appliances, electric tools, construction lighting, machine interiors, etc., where softness or movement is required, as electrical connecting wires or wiring. But PVC wire is often suitable for connections inside electronic and electrical equipment.
  • The working temperature is different. PVC electric wire working temperature is -20℃-70℃, and rubber copper wire working temperature is -40°C-105°C. Rubber cable has strong frost resistance if compared with PVC insulating wire.
  • Flexibility is different. If you can touch it with your hand, you will find the flexibility of the rubber cable is stronger than PVC wire. So if your installation environment has requirements about bending or dragging, rubber cable will be your good choice.

Now, do you know the difference between PVC cable and rubber cable? Do you know how to choose them? If you still have any problems, or if you want to buy suitable electric wire, welcome to Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. to consult. All cables with the biggest discount are waiting for you.

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