What is the difference between PVC cable and PE cable?

July 11, 2023

Among all electric cable insulation materials, PVC cable and PE cable have become the most versatile kinds of electric wire. PVC and PE are different insulation materials with different characteristics. The focus of this article is to introduce the differences between these two kinds of wires.

There are mainly four parts to this article:

  • What is PVC cable
  • What is PE cable
  • What is the difference between PVC cable and PE cable
  • Where to buy the best PVC cable and PE cable

At the beginning of this article, we need to introduce the concept of PVC wires and cables and PE wires and cables.

What is PVC cable

The PVC-insulated industrial cables, as their name, uses PVC material as their’ insulation layer. The full name of PVC material is Polyvinyl chloride, it is a polymer formed by the free polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer under specific conditions. It has the features of stable, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, and widely suitable for occasions such as building materials, daily necessities, pipelines, wires and cables, sealing materials, etc. It includes flexible material and rigid material, the flexible material is widely suitable for packing material, agricultural film, etc, especially widely used in electric wire cable insulation layer production.
PVC insulated copper conductor wire is called PVC insulated cable, and adding a layer of the outer sheath is called PVC sheathed cable, also calling as PVC insulated PVC sheathed cable. The structure includes a conductor, PVC insulation, and PVC sheath. PVC material is not only an essential part but also protects the conductor well. In the electrical industries, control cable, house wiring cable, and instrument cables usually use PVC as insulation material.

PVC cable

What is PE cable

The PE insulated cable, as its’ name, uses PE material as the insulation layer. The full name of PE material is polyethylene, it is a thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerization of ethylene. It has the features of being non-toxic and harmless, excellent low-temperature resistance, resistance to most acid and alkali erosion, and excellent electrical insulation performance. At the same time, because polyethylene has the characteristics of non-polarity, low loss, and high electrical conductivity, it is generally used as an insulating material for high-voltage electric wires and cables.
PE-insulated copper or aluminum conductor wire is calling as PE cable. This kind of cable outer sheath material is usually using PVC or XLPE material. It will call as PE PVC cable or XLPE PE cable. PE insulation inside the electric wire also plays a role in protecting the conductor. In electrical industries, network cables, communication cables, etc usually use PE as the insulation material.

PE cable

Now, we will enter into our main topic, the differences between these two kinds of electric copper wires. After explaining this, you can not only know the differences but also understand how to choose them.

What is the difference between PVC cable and PE cable

  • The characteristics are different. 

PVC cable working temperature is low, short heat aging life, small transmission capacity, low overload capacity, and great harm of smoke and acid gas in case of fire. It is the most commonly used product in the electric wire industry. Good physical and mechanical properties, good processing performance, low cost, and selling price. But it contains halogen, and cable sheath is using this material in large amounts.
Polyethylene insulated wire has excellent electrical performance, with all advantages of PVC-insulated flexible copper wire. The moisture-proof performance, low-temperature resistance, and high-frequency characteristics are better. Weight is heavier than PVC material but with less material use.

  • The flexibility is different.

PVC insulated flexible wire is more flexible than polyethylene cable. So the touching feeling is also different.

  • The cost is different.

If only talking from the material, PE material cost is higher than the PVC material. But if talking from the finished products, since the using amount of PE is less than PVC, the cost of them is similar.

After this part, we believe everyone must know the differences between PVC-insulated and sheathed cable and polyethylene-insulated wire. But when you go to the market wanting to buy the good quality cable at a cheap price, you will also feel confused since there are many suppliers, and it is difficult to choose a reliable one the first time. If buying the non-national standard quality electric cable, there may cause potential safety hazards in electricity use. At the final of this article, we will recommend a reliable PVC cable supplier and PE cable supplier.

Where to buy the best PVC cable and PE cable

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After reading this article, have you well understood the differences between PVC cable and PE cable? If you still have other problems, please don’t hesitate to contact Henan Shenbei Cable.

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