How to choose PVC cable when house wiring

July 08, 2023

When we do house wiring work, PVC cable is the first thing need to consider. When faced with a dazzling array of wires, I believe that most users are once again confused: How to bring high-quality products home within so many kinds of electric wires? So the most important thing is choosing high-quality pvc wires and cables.

Contents of this article:

  • How to choose high-quality PVC cable
  • How to choose PVC cable when house wiring

First of all, we will introduce how to distinguish the quality of the PVC insulated cable.

How to choose high-quality PVC cable

Purchasing high-quality PVC wires mainly depends on two aspects: the conductor and the insulation layer. As long as these two parts are OK, it proves that it is a good PVC insulated wire.


Let’s take a part of PVC insulated copper wire, peeling off the sheath, then the conductor is exposing. We can adjust the quality of the conductor from two factors.

  • Color: Although we both called them copper wire, they are both not 100% pure copper conductor wire, there are more or less impurities inside. The more impurities it contains, the less conductive the conductor will be. The amount of impurities contained in the conductor is generally reflecting in the color. The highest copper is “Red copper” or “Purple color”, as the name, the color of this kind of cable is red and purple. The lower quality copper has a light color, called “Yellow copper”. The impurity content of this copper is very high.
  • Thickness: First of all, we need to choose the right color. Among the same color, we can choose the high-quality pvc insulated power cable according to the thickness. When color and thickness conflict, choose a color first. Such as: Between the thinner red copper and thicker yellow copper, the red copper should be preferred.
  • When the section area is the same, the thicker the conductor, the stronger the conductivity is. When comparing the thickness, should only compare the conductor, not include the insulation layer.

The conductor is the first thing that should consider when choosing high-quality pvc insulated and sheathed cable, except this, the PVC cable wire insulation should be another factor that need consider.


The plastic layer outside the copper wire is the insulation layer. Its existence can not only prevent external factors from causing damage to the conductor (protective conductor) but also protect the conductor from damage to the outside world after a fault occurs (insulation, flame retardant).
There are usually three methods that can help us judge the quality of insulation material:

  • Touching: Touching the surface of the insulation, if it has a rough surface, proves that the production process of the insulating layer is poor, and it is prone to failures such as leakage. Press the insulating layer with your fingernails. If it can rebound quickly, it proves that the insulating layer has high thickness and good toughness.
  • Benting: Let us take a part of PVC electric wire, bending several times, then straighten it. If there is no trace on the surface of the PVC-insulated PVC-sheathed cable wire, it proves that the PVC cables and wires have better toughness. If there are obvious indentations and severe whitening on the surface of the PVC copper wire, it proves that the toughness of the PVC-insulated copper cable is poor. Buried in the ground for a long time, it is easy to age and become brittle, and it is easy to leak electricity in the future.

By checking these two factors, we can well choose a good quality PVC electric cable. But when we choose the PVC insulated flexible cable, we may also face another problem: There are many different sizes of PVC copper wire, such as PVC insulated cable 2.5 mm, ho5vv f cable 3 core 4mm, PVC wire 1.5 sq mm, etc. Among these different sizes, some people said the bigger size is better, but some people said it is not essential to choose the bigger size pvc insulated flexible wire. So, how to choose the thickness of the PVC house wiring cable?

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How to choose PVC cable when house wiring

When house wiring, we should choose the right size PVC insulated multi-strand wire according to the different applications. Normally, it includes below applications:

  • 1.5mm2 PVC copper wire is enough for general lighting. Since the wattage of ordinary lighting is not large, it is more suitable to use PVC wire 1.5 sq mm.
  • The general socket uses 2.5mm2. The electrical appliances on the socket may be larger than the wattage of the light. Generally, we use 2.5 sq mm pvc insulated flexible wire, which is more than enough.
  • 4mm2 for cabinet air conditioner. The power of the cabinet air conditioner is relatively large, and it is safer to use a 4mm2 PVC wire; if it is on-hook a PVC insulation copper wire 1.5 mm2 can carring.
  • 4mm2 PVC wire is using for the main wire of the kitchen, and 2.5 sq mm pvc insulation flexible wire is using for the branch wires. The kitchen mainly involves some relatively high-power electrical appliances. If it is a branch, generally pvc insulated cable 2.5 mm2 can still be driven, but for the main wire, for safety reasons, it is recommended to use 4mm2 PVC electric cables.
  • The entrance wire uses PVC copper wire 6mm2, and the entrance wire is the main wire of the whole family. Generally, it is enough to use 6mm2.

PVC cable is the most commonly using kind of electric wire during house wiring and electrical. Its range is wide and includes control cable, house wiring cable, instrument cable, communication cable, signal cable, and other power cables. No matter which type of cable you choose, the most important thing is to choose the high-quality pvc insulated flexible copper wire. If you still have doubts about how to choose PVC copper wire when house wiring, you can come to Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. to click the article on House wiring cable types and applications

If you want to buy high-quality PVC cable, Henan Shenbei is also a good place to go. Professional engineers and customer service are waiting to solve all of your problems.

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