Which is better PVC cable or rubber cable?

July 02, 2023

PVC cable and rubber cable are two commonly used electric wires in the electrical industry. PVC and rubber are different materials used when manufacturing electric wires. Different materials have different features and different applications. So there are also some differences between PVC wire and rubber wire. Regarding these two kinds of electric wires, another commonly asked question asked by people is which one is better, and how to choose them. This article will show something you should know about pvc insulated cable and tough rubber-sheathed cable.

Content of this article:

  • What is PVC cable
  • What is rubber cable
  • The differences between PVC cable and rubber cable
  • Which is better? PVC cable or rubber cable?

First of all, we will discuss what is PVC-insulated copper wire and rubber-insulated wire.

What is PVC cable

The PVC copper wire is using PVC material as the insulation and sheath. PVC material covers the copper conductor only or adds another layer of PVC sheath. This kind of wire is called PVC insulated and sheathed cable. Includes single core pvc wire and multi-core pvc copper wire. The conductor also includes copper and aluminum. PVC-insulated flexible copper wire is widely used in the market since its’ flexibility, easy for installation, and cheap price.

What is rubber cable?

Rubber electrical wire belongs to rubber-sheathed flexible cable, it is a kind of double insulation wire. The outer sheath and insulation use rubber material, and the conductor uses copper. It is suitable for electrical connecting wires or wiring in AC-rated voltages of 300V/500V and 450/750V and below power devices, household appliances, electric tools, construction lighting, machine interiors, etc. where requires softness or movement.

rubber cable VS PVC cable

After explaining pvc cables and wires and rubber electrical wire, the next step we should know the differences between them.

The differences between PVC cable and rubber cable

  • Material is different. 

PVC insulated flexible copper wire includes multistrand copper, covering a layer of insulation material, this insulation material prevents contact with electrical conductors. Inner conductors usually include ofc copper and tinned copper.
Rubber-sheathed flexible cable belongs to a kind of double insulation wire. The outer sheath and insulation use rubber material, and the conductor is ofc copper.

  • Application is different.

The weather-resistant rubber flex cable is suitable for power devices with AC rated voltage of 300V/500V and 450/750V and below, household appliances, electric tools, construction lighting, and machine interiors, etc., where softness or movement is required, as electrical connecting wires or wiring.
PVC wires are mainly used for internal connections of electronic and electrical equipment.

  • The cost is different.

Since rubber material cost is higher than PVC material, the price of the rubber insulated wire is also higher than the PVC insulated industrial cables.

  • Characteristic is different.

The surface of pvc insulated copper wire is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, no scaling, and it is not suitable for breeding microorganisms. Small coefficient of thermal expansion, no shrinkage deformation.
The ho7rnf rubber flexible cable has certain weather resistance and oil resistance, can withstand a large mechanical external force, is soft, has good elasticity, cold resistance, ultraviolet resistance, good flexibility, and high strength.

After reading this part, you must know the differences between pvc wires and cables and rubber power cables. At the final of this article, we will explain the topic of which of them is better for use.

Which is better PVC cable or rubber cable

PVC cable wire and rubber flexible cable both have their advantages and application, which one should choose depending on the function and applications. Rubber cable has strong environmental adaptability, especially for mountainous, underwater, or other harsh installation environments. Rubber electrical wire has the features of oil resistant, cold-resistant, and UV resistant. So if you have these demands, rubber submersible cable will be your best choice. On the other hand, if you haven’t so strict a requirement, PVC insulated flexible copper wire will be your good choice, since its cost is cheaper than a rubber insulated wire.
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