Which electric cable is used for house?

December 05, 2022

In construction and electric industries, all project both need to install the electric power. Electric cable has become the most important thing in these projects. When installing electrical wiring, know which kind of electric wire you need use is essential. This can make your electric power installation safe and long time use. There is also a common point need to know for everybody, that is which electric wire cable can be used for house.

house wiring cable

This article will introduce four kinds of electric cables that are used for house wiring.

BV Electric Cable VS BVR Electric Cable

BV and BVR wire as the common used electric wire in house wiring. They both get an another name as “House wiring electric cable”. The full name of BV and BVR is single copper core PVC insulated sheathless electric house wiring cable. They are single core cable, used in house wiring system, easy to installation, common used.

But there are still some differences between BV and BVR cable when choosing.

BV electric wire

BV is single solid hard core cable. It is harder than BVR cable, so it is suitable for occasions haven’t strict flexible requirement.

BVR electric wire

BVR is single flexible cable, it is more flexible in installation, engineer can bend it at anywhere to achieve easy installation. So it is suitable for occasions have strict flexible requirement. The price of BVR is also higher than BV cable.

BV VS BVR cable

RVV Electric Cable

RVV multicore electric wire is used for control systems at home, such as household appliances, meters, electronics, plug-in power cords, etc. This kind of cable is multicore, flexible, ofc copper core and high quality PVC insulated sheath, easy to peel off and easy to installation. It can meet all kinds of electric demand below 300/500V.

rvv cable

Network Communication Electric Cable

Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. supply Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e lan network cable for your choice. Different types with different price. Network cable is used for connecting internet for house. This is essential for constructions. Lan cable is a kind of cheap and common using cable during project. You can choose shielding lan cable wire or un-sheidling internet cable according to your signal requirement.

network cable

Telephone Communication Electric Cable

Telephone cable is commonly used past years, it almost will reach to every house before, but now, it is usually used for some hotel systems, and communication system. The biggest advantage of this cable is cheap and widely using. This kind of telephone wire include indoor use and outdoor use. There will add a layer of armored steel inside the cable and a layer of PE outer sheath to protect the safety and long term use.

telephone  cable

Where Can Buy These Electric Cable For House

Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. Is a production-oriented enterprise focusing on the research and development of electric wires and cables, founded in 2008, covering a total area over 30000 m2. growing as a manufatcuring, R&D, and selling company. Henan Shenbei is located in China's electric wire and cable production cluster-Xingyang City, Henan Province, adjacent to 310 National Road, transportation is convenient, the main products range is monitoring cable, signal cable, fire control cable, and all kinds of power cables. Welcomed friends all over the world to visit.

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