Can I use 2.5mm2 cable for 32amp?

December 07, 2022

2.5mm2 cable can carry different Amp electric current in different situations. Different situations include different temerature and different working environment. Below article will introduce this knowledge to all people with this confusion.

Can I use 2.5mm2 cable for 32amp

Electric current carrying capacity is different at different temperatures: The 2.5mm2 electric wire can carry 20 Amp electric current, when the temperature is about 20℃, and laying without any conduit. When it is high temperature, the 2.5mm2 wire can carry 18 Amp electric current.

Different laying methods will cause different electric current carrying: If laying without any conduit, it can carry about 20 Amp, but is laying with conduit, it can carry about 16 Amp. Different cable type will cause different electric current carrying: PVC sheath wire cable is different with bare wire cable.

Bare wire cable 2.5mm without PVC sheath will carry about 30 Amp electric current.

So, 2.5mm2 electric wire can’t carry 32 Amp electric current. When use it for house wiring decoration, it is recommended to carry 16 Amp to achieve the long time safety use.

2.5mm2 cable

How much Amp can a 2.5mm2 cable carry

According to above mentioned, 2.5mm2 PVC wire can carry different electric current. This include the temperature, working environment, laying method, cable type etc. So when you do cable wiring project, it is better for you to consult your engineer to choose right cable specifications. Professional suggestions should be taken according to the cable working conditions in order to get long time safety use. We should remember, safe use of electricity is a big deal.

Various size electric cable electric current Amp carrying capacity

SpecificationElectric CurrentPower

Please noted this table is only for reference, as we mentioned above, how to choose right cable size need to calculate many factors, one factor difference will cause different result.

If you want to know more information about 2.5mm2 cable, inquiry is wlecomed. Henan Shenbei Industrial Co. Ltd. will always online to solve all problems about electric cables.

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