Why is PVC cable used?

December 09, 2022

PVC cable is one of widely used electric wire in the market. Full name is PVC insulated electric wire cable. We will see PVC cable in house wiring, factory circuit construction, and other electric project. We both understand that PVC cable has gained good market place and good reputation by years developing and advanced production technical.

What is PVC cable

PVC cable consists inner conductor and PVC material insulation. It can well transport electric power and information. Usually, one or more strand wire make up the conductor.

Since the structure of PVC insulated cable is simple, so the production usually start with conductor production. Different conductor strand numbers will be produced for different purpose. If producing multi-strand wire, people need pay attention to the tightness between conductors during production to ensure the safety use. It is necessary to use the processing technology of the insulating outer sheath after processing the conductor. The outer layer of the conductor starts to add the insulating foreskin layer by layer. At the same time, the thickness of the outer sheath of the wire should be determined according to the place where the wire is used.

What’s the advantage of PVC cable

  • The manufacturing technology is mature, easy to form and process. Compared with other types of cable insulation materials, it is not only low in cost, but also can be controled well in the aspects of wire surface color difference, brightness, printing, processing efficiency, hardness, conductor adhesion, mechanical physical properties and electrical properties.
  • It has very good flame retardant properties, so PVC insulated wires can easily reach the flame retardant standard stipulated in various standards.
  • High chemical stability, robustness and durability.

How to choose qualified PVC cable

  • First of all, we should check the cable factory, production license, etc. This is very important for us to choose qualified PVC wire.
  • Check the insulation and outer sheath color. If there is serious color problem, don’t buy it. At the same time, we can test the tightness and bending ability of the wire. Generally, wires that are too loose or difficult to bend are unqualified.
  • Check the price of the cable wire. Because the cable on the market show a variety of varieties, models, and prices are also in a state of different levels. This will largely affect consumers' choice of qualified products. If the price difference between wires of the same specification is more than 20%, consumers should be cautious. Be sure not to choose cheaper wires because of the price difference, which is prone to electricity accidents. As the old saying in China, you will get what you paid, in the terms of electricity safety, never buy substandard wires to save money.

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